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About us

We serve you to provide you with the latest technology and evergreen tutorials. Labshab established in 2013 and managed by Sonu Arora is a tech blog which keep you update regarding the latest things which are happening in the world. Also it helps you to review the latest gadgets in the market from mobile phone to a home theater. We (labshab team) consists of writers and our reviewing team which together stands still to make it reach new heights in the blogging world. Copyrighting of any material published here on labshab is strictly prohibited and also is a punishable offence to produce it in any way either on internet or on a book. We on labshab.com also provide you with hosting packages and domain service. If you are interested to enroll in our website management team you can contact us by writing email and we will be happy to serve you and be a part of our family.


Our Latest Projects

We will be soon launching a social website with new features. Currently our project is under work and will be updated soon on the main page.