The Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF 2013) commencing from 11 December 2013 experienced first day glitch maybe its hacked or something wrong with the website itself. gosf 2013

As soon the shopping began with great deals being provided from across the partners, this glitch made it difficult for the staff as well the viewers participating in it.

The official URL was not opening and the buyers were complaining for unable to shop.


This is the screenshot which was captured by one of our team members.



This glitch which was noted around afternoon of 11 December, 2013 has created problem for the buyers and those who are looking to buy with the official URL aren’t able to purchase and surf the items.

You can say it was well planned hack by some hackers which haven’t been known so far or a glitch in the website itself. Correct reasons haven’t been discovered so far about the error in the website.

GOSF is the largest shopping festival which will attract buyers as many well known companies are participating and providing discounts. This is a three day festival which is hosted by GOOGLE INC.


Around 200 partners are providing great deals for this 72 hour long festival in India. Unlike other countires, US and China, India is also racing up for such events and bringing up great deals for the citizens of India which is a privilege for us.


Those who are currently unable to access the ofiicial website from the URL ” “ can go to the website by entering their secondary URL which is currently accessible  ” ” in their web browsers meanwhile.


Happy Shopping Stay Tuned for More Updates.

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