The Phailin Cyclone to hit the Coastal Region of Odisha on 12-Oct-2013 around 20:00 IST. All the precautive measures have been adopted and people have been evacuated from the region.Phailin Cyclone India Clouds LIVE VIDEO Captured

Latest Things reported about the Phailin Cyclone by TV Reports- [ as of 18:50 IST 12/oct/2013 ]

  • More then 500,000 People have been evacuated so far from the Eastern Coasts.
  • It is said to be Hitting the Coastal Shores at a Speed of a 200-230 Km/Hr
  • Google has Launched People Finder in support to the missing and lost people in this Cyclone hit regions.
  • Power supplies have been stopped for a period of about 48 Hrs in keeping safety of the People.
  • Cyclone is 280 KM Away from the Odisha coast and is said to be hitting the coast around 08:00 PM IST 12-Oct-2013
  • Phailin will be getting over after a period of 12 Hrs.
  • All the fisherman’s are advised not to travel into the Sea coast or nearby regions
  • Disaster management teams have been deployed in the region for better safety of the people.
  • Heavy rains hit the region before its arrival
  • Phailin is said to be one of the Strongest cyclones gonna hit in India
  • Railway ECR cancels 24 trains due to its impact
  • India On Red Alert as the cyclone approaches Eastern Coast
  • Help from Twitter, creates a Page for the local support of Persons Tweeting about the Cyclone
  • Media persons providing live pictures of the Area in Televisions.
  • Dark Clouds makes evening turn Dark before Night


As per the Scientists view, it is said to be devastating everything where it hits. Prayers to God for the Safety of the people and the person in that region.


Live Footage Captured of the Clouds-

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