root nexus 7 tabletIn this tutorial, we will tell you how to root your new edition Nexus 7 . Many of you using nexus 7 tablet must be thinking on how to root this new version. Perhaps due to lack of proper tutorial on internet and other major websites, we have successfully tested to root this new version and yes it was SUCCESS.

This tutorial will help you to root your tablet in easy given steps and also without any problem. Follow our each and step carefully and if you found out to be stuck somewhere then feel free to contact us. Check out below to find out the easily available guide to root it.

The latest guide to root your Nexus 2016 version has been updated in terms of security and providing high speed access. A noob or a non technical person can also root his/her device following this easy simple guide step by step.


Before rooting your device, please make it clear in your mind that the rooting process on your device voids the warranty of the device. Please perform all actions on your risk. We wont be responsible for any damage caused to your device. All the source here in the rooting tutorials have been collected from the web itself. Perform at your own risk.

Root Nexus 7 Tablet Requirements :

For the rooting process to take place, you will need some of the software and tools which are mentioned below.  Make sure you are ready with the tools before proceeding further.

Please Note- This tutorial is applicable for the NEW NEXUS TABLET 7 2013 Version. This tutorial will not work on older device versions and don’t root on your older versions as it will get  brick.

How To: Root Nexus 7 Tablet Steps-

            1. Before proceeding kindly backup your device internal and external storage on your computer.
            2. Now install the Android SDK and WinRar on your computer.
            3. In this step, you have to extract the ADB and Fastboot tools file, after the extract, results are as follows-
              • notice
              • aapt
              • fastboot
              • aidl
              • adb
              • llvm-rs-cc
              • dx
              • adbwinusbapi.dll
              • adbwinapi.dll
            4. Now connect your device with the computer in USB debugging mode activated and run Android SDK with it.

Menu >Settings>Applications>Development option>USB debugging mod

            1. Your connected device must fulfill the battery charging criteria needed for the rooting purpose. The criteria is set to 70% min and 100% maximum. So i hereby request you to charge it for a while before proceeding and fulfilling the min. charging criteria.
            2. Activate the bootloader on your device. Run command window i.e. go to Start-Search-Type “Run”- Type “cmd” . Now command window will get open and input the following command to let your device reboot in activated bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

            1. For the unlocking process type the following command in the command prompt window-

fastboot oem unlock

            1. You will be asked to confirm the ongoing process. To select “Yes” , kindly use the volume keys and power button together to confirm the process.
            2. Now your device screen will show up the Bootloader and press power button to confirm. Now your device will get reboot into Unlocked mode.
            3. In this step you need a TWRP recovery file to install it on your device. Download the latest version file from here.
            4. After the download is finished, kindly open the file and rename it to “recovery-twrp” .
            5. Now type in the following command in your command prompt windows-

fastboot flash recovery recovery-twrp.img

            1. As soon as you type the following above code, you will see codes flashing on windows itself and on your device screen.
            2. Now to get into your device the root files, get the updated version SuperSU for your device from here.
            3. Now copy the above download version of SuperSU into the root memory of your nexus 7 2013 tablet.
            4. Again input the following command in the command window-

adb reboot recovery

          1. This time your device will reboot itself in the TWRP mode i.e recovery mode for the device.
          2. Now scroll to the the file SuperSU, check it and slide the button in oder to flash it.
          3. Let the flashing process gets completed and installed on your device.
          4. Now go to System>Slide the Reboot button to reboot your nexus tablet.
          5. Finally you have done and now your nexus 2013 version tablet is running with latest Recovery TWRP and opertating on Android Jelly Bean 4.3



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