How to do backup of your WordPress Blog Posts [APRIL 2024 Update]

WordPress backup is necessary to do as it make sure you are protected if anything wrong happens or your data gets corrupted then you can easily backup with easy steps.

For a blogger, a Blog is his life. So to make sure Blogger doesn’t face any issues with his/her blog, we will be discussing some basic points which will help to Backup your WordPress Blog completely or partially (who wish to only backup posts database). WordPress Blog Backup is a must for every blogger who either relies upon his Hosting Company Backups or Automatic Backups.

The WordPress backup should be scheduled in such a way that it covers all updates in one go. For example, If a blogger is updating his blog on a regular basis, then the blogger must do a backup of his WordPress site weekly.

In case a blog gets attacked due to some hackers, then at least the data can be recovered on an immediate basis without any delay. If you think your blog is safe enough and cannot be hacked then we still advise you that you should follow the basic steps to Secure Your WordPress Blog from Hackers.


Why do WordPress Blog Backup?

There are many pro bloggers who think that they have secured there blog enough and they knowingly skip this step. We will discuss some major points why you should opt to Backup Complete WordPress Blog or WordPress Blog Posts only.

  • If server crashes, all the data can we wiped out including your Plugins, Themes, any modifications in your Theme, etc.
  • The site gets hacked and the Hacker wipes out the Database Completely.
  • Some plugins conflict the Coding or create errors in the Theme. (For a non-technical without much knowledge of WordPress, Restoring via Backup will be the best option on his individual work part)
  • During updates, some plugins stop working causing the entire site to give some PHP error.

If you face any of the above issues then we suggest you do your WordPress Blog Backup every 3-4 days else you can opt for a weekly Backup at least.

You can also have a Good Sleep if you do Backup of your WordPress Blog regularly ūüėČ

How to do a Complete WordPress Blog Backup including Themes, Plugins, Settings?

You can easily do Complete WordPress Blog Backup without any need for Coding. Now easily backup your WordPress Blog to Computer. It’s a One-Click process to begin your WordPress Blog Backup. Thanks to ServMask for creating such easy to use Handy¬†Plugin “All-in-One WP Migration”¬†which can Backup your whole WordPress Blog in 1 Click.

How to use All in One WP Migration Plugin for doing WordPress Blog Backup?

First, you have to Install All in One WP Migration Plugin from WordPress. You can directly download it or you can download it from here.

We are using a 6.2.1 version of All in One WP Migration as it works well without any conflict or errors. 

WordPress Blog Backup Plugin

One the plugin has been installed, you will see All in One WP Migration option just below Tools options in your WordPress Dashboard.

Click to open All in One WP Migration Settings. You will see a screen like this-

WordPress Blog Backup

As per your need and requirements, select the option from Advanced Options Menu. If you don’t want to Export Plugins, Themes, Media Files or SQL Database, just tick them and the plugin will do the rest job on its own.

Once you have selected your desired settings for WordPress Blog Backup, you can then choose how you want to download your Blog Backup file. If you are thinking to download it through your browser, Select Export to РFile

Once you have selected all the required settings above, the plugin will begin its process for doing Backup.

WordPress Blog Backup Steps

It will hardly take 10-15 minutes to generate a full WordPress Site backup including all Plugins, Themes, Settings, Database.

Once the Backup is generated, you will get a option to Download your Backup File.

WordPress Blog Backup Complete

This above tutorial with the help of All in One WP Migration plugins lets you to Complete Backup of your WordPress Blog. Now let’s discuss further on doing Backup of only WordPress Blog POSTS.

How to do WordPress Blog Backup using cPanel for POSTS only

This will help you creating Database Backup of your Blog Posts using cPanel.

  • Login to cPanel of your Blog
  • Head over to the Database Section in the cPanel Dashboard
  • Click on phpMyAdmin which is located below Database Tab. (may vary in different cPanels)
  • New Window Opens. (If its asking for the password, type in the Database Password to proceed further; if you are not aware of any Password, consult your Host or Try to Fetch Database Username Password using wp-config file in WordPress)
  • In the New Window that opens, there will be many options in the Tabs you see.
  • Select the EXPORT option.
  • Match your Settings with the image given below and make sure its the same settings as in the image. Click on GO and it will soon start exporting the SQL Database file of your Blog.

WordPress Blog Backup using cPanel

Useful Tip: Save the File in a Custom Folder & Start Saving all the Backups in Date Order which will help you in the future to retrieve the Backups Easily whenever you need to!