Best Place to Eat in Sonipat City – Best Street Food

So looking for a place to eat and hangout? Well, you are at right place as we will be giving you a list of Best Places to Eat in Sonepat City!Ā 


Ab Sonipat Bhi Kisi se Kum Nhi!!! Share karna mat bhoolna šŸ˜€Ā 

So our team was visiting the Sonipat recently a lot due to our work at the Jindal Global University and Ashoka University, meanwhile, we decided to hangout in Sonipat for 1 week and we explored different foods, cuisines, street foods and what not!

Best places to eat in Sonipat are really amazing places.

Best Places to Eat in Sonipat

We have chosen some of the best places which we feel are really cheap in terms of your pocket šŸ˜‰ and very delicious in terms of your tongue šŸ˜€

Top Places in Sonipat – Best Food Best Party Zone

  1. MyShop MyTaste Sector 14 Sonepat
    WOW! Just no words to describe, the food, the taste and of course the pricing! Well, all are in terms of your pocket and your tongue, so we will rate it 5 out of 5! You should visit it a must, it’s a must but only problem, no sitting, only take away or standing!
  2. Chole Bhature Wala Lassi Wala, Near TVS Showroom, Delhi Road, Sonepat
    and if you are looking for a good glass of Sweet Lassi, we will surely tell you to visit this small booth of wood just beside the TVS Showroom. He will give you a big glass of Lassi, Makhan Maar ke šŸ˜€
  3. Tony Chole Omelette Egg Wala
    If you are a non-veg, we will surely tell you to visit him and try his Half Fry, Raita and what not! The chutney and the Half Fry are just loved! LOooooooVVVvvvEEE!
  4. Dominos/Pizza Hut: These are all same taste, though not recommended as they are very costly, and not worth!
  5. Pizza Galleria Sonipat: This is the best place and it overcomes Dominos/Pizza Hut and is better of all! Surely visit this place and you will love the taste, quality and prices! Best for Party in the Town!! Also, there is plenty of space available to sit and dine in and we can have parties here! Our team tried to reach to understand the working model of Pizza Galleria with Mr. Sandeep Jangra, owner of this food chain which are having more than 30 outlets across India!! We will cover the whole story of Pizza Galleria startup which has now emerged as a Big Brand across the Nation as they provide franchise as well. I must say, they are beating all International brands such as dominos, Pizza Hut etc. etc. as compared to the prices, quality and taste!! Kudos Pizza Galleria and Burger Vibes Sonipat! Way to Go.
  6. EggMaster Sonipat: This is a newly opened place with a really unique taste and style. Its really worth trying to get your fingers licked!! Hurry if you are Egg Lover!!!

So Sonipat Walo? If you have anything else to share, just comment below, and let us know so we can update your suggestions welcome.

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Recent Update: APRIL 2024

And our visit to Sonipat was really amazing, we love this city, small and quiet and lovely!