Computer Shortcut Keys Latest 2013 Version

Computer shortcut keys for windows operating system with latest list 2013. These latest shortcut keys helps to do things very fast shortcut for anything.

So guys today i will share the latest computer shortcut keys with you for Windows operating system. With help of using these shortcut keys, your work tast become easier and also time management. Mainly its a great to do things who are fond of using keyboard rather then using mouse all the time.

From keyboard only you can perform these keyboard shortcuts and your task will be easy and also its time saving as the task quicks up to do it. The shortcut keys are likely used nowadays oftenly and they are easy to remember. They also never disturbs your work like sometimes if your mouse malfunctions then also if you are aware of the keyboards shortcuts then you easily can do your work efficiently and without any hassle.


This list of computer shortcut keys which are compatible with all versions of windows and also you will be happy to implement to your daily work to make it easier.


computer shortcut keys for windows

Computer shortcut keys-

Close the current window.Alt + F4

Open the Window’s System Menus.

Alt + Spacebar

Copy the selected text.

Ctrl + C

Cut the selected text.

Ctrl + X

Paste the selected text.

Ctrl + V

Undo the last performed action.

Ctrl + Z

Redo the last performed action.

Ctrl + Y

Bold the selected text.

Ctrl + B

Open the windows option like lock this computer, switch user, task manager etc.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Underline the selected text.

Ctrl + U

Italicize the selected text.

Ctrl + I

Lock the system.

Windows Logo + L

Open the start menu.

Ctrl + Esc

Open the help window.


Close Windows Magnifier.

Windows logo + Esc

Rename the selected file or folder.


Delete the item permanently.

Shift + Delete

Switch Between Open Programs.

Alt + Tab / Windows logo + Tab

Open the Windows Task Manager window.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc –

Reopen the recently close window.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Print the active window only.

Alt + ptr scr

Print the screen.

Fn + ptr scr

Open the properties window of the selected item.

Alt + Enter

find in open files


Minimize all windows.

Windows Logo + M / Windows Logo + D

Undo minimize done by Windows logo + M or Windows logo + D.

Windows Logo + Shift + M

Open the Run Window.

Windows logo + R

Open Windows Magnifier and zoom in with the plus symbol (+).

Windows logo + Plus (+)

Open Windows Magnifier and zoom out with the minus symbol (-).

Windows Logo + Minus (-)