Frequently Asked Questions

What is LabShab?

Labshab, an online blog mainly tech blog which covers everything related to tech, internet websites, useful how to guides, windows tricks, iDevice ( ipad,ipod,iphone), android market, seo enhancement and gadget reviews.


What is the main motive LabShab?

The team at LabShab provides you with latest tech related interesting articles which you are not aware of. It also keeps you update of what is happening and what changes have been in the Tech industry. Besides this we also keep you aware of the gadget related things including apps and the tricks to optimize it. You can have look at our Archive page for further details.


Is Labshab Legit?

Labshab Team always provide you with all legit and good work. Our team is committed to serve our customers and help them in every way. We have also started our offline gaming as well as blogging store in Texas, US starting March, 2016. You are most welcome to reach out to our store in Texas.
Address of Our Store- THE, Woodlands Mall, 1201, Texas. We are also offering a one time 30% discount for our viewers and visitors of our website. See you there!



Why you choose the word LabShab?

Basically as this word contains two words, Lab and Shab. Both words have their own meaning i.e. Lab which means “a place where we carry out work” and so as the other words Shab meaning “play tricks”. So you can say its a place where we carry out our tricks to our beloved users and subscribers to make them aware of. So finally i came up with LabShab.COM and giving another powerful text “iupdateU Lab” to it


When did LabShab started?

Originally Labshab took its journey in 2012 on blogspot platform It became professional  on 1st July 2013 with hosting and getting domain name LabShab.Com. Though the old journey of the labshab was full of up and down and now finally it has become professional in internet mania now.


Who is the person behind this blog?

Umm so the admin of this blog is Snehal Arora, basically from Gujarat and I am working as a blogger from past 4 years. Visit  Author Page for more details.


What tech knowledge you know?

I never took any coaching or any classes to learn language. All i know is little bit of PHP and JAVA. Moreover, HTML and CSS as well and i can handle any of the problem regarding these terms. All i learn is more internet only and do it myself making it go to SUCCESS.


Will you help me review my item on your website?

Yes we do but that is limited to our website related stuffs. You can exchange words with us at admin[at] and we will be happy to carry out it.


Are you into Guest Blogging?

Yes, we do accept guests blogs and you can check more information at our Official Guests Page.


Can i use your contents to republish on any website?

No, you cant produce any of our content in any form in your website. If we spot any of our contents on any websites, without our credits, then we will look into the matter seriously taking further actions. Kindly visit our Terms and Conditions page for further information.


How to keep in touch with Labshab?

You can easily subscribe to our newsletters and also become our fan.


If you have any other issues unknown to this blog please Contact Us.