LabsHAB Sun, 06 Sep 2020 10:57:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 LabsHAB 32 32 How To Earn Upto $6000/Day with BTC/USDT Trading Calls Sun, 21 Jun 2020 06:20:17 +0000 Earn up to INR 5 Lacs Per Day India using BTC/USDT Future Trading. Technical Daily Calls to assist you and help you earn money for free!

How To Earn Upto $6000/Day with BTC/USDT Trading Calls

Everybody wants to get rich at some point in time. If you are already rich, you would like to 100X your wealth, if you are not Rich, you want to become rich.

Today we are going to help you in becoming Rich. Yes, you read it right, we will help you to become Rich by helping your trades in BTC/USDT Cryptocurrency Market.


This method best works in Futures, which is a method in which you can use leverage up to 125X, which means, If you earn 100$ in normal trading, using Futures, you can earn 125X which means 12500$. This Futures is really risky as well but gives huge returns if trades are done properly using our proper technical analyst calls.

Get Your Future’s Trading Account Instantly Here with up to 50$ Instant Discount & 20% Each Trade Discount:-

If you are already a trader, skip the steps below and directly reach the next paragraph “Earn Upto 6000$ Per Day or Upto 5,00,000 INR Per Day using our Trading Calls.

How to Start Trading:

    1. Open your Future Trading Account Here <CLICK HERE>
    2. Deposit Funds either P2P or using Credit Card. We suggest P2P which is safe for your bank account, as some banks can block/freeze the bank account if directly used on the Exchange.
    3. Once funds are deposited, follow our calls to start earning up to 6000$ every day.

Earn Upto 6000$ Per Day using BTC/USDT Trading in Futures Binance (Trick & Calls)

Why Should you Trust our Trading Calls?

Our Trading Calls are generated daily by our team of experts who look up to different factors which affect the Market. We have a dedicated team for each factor, such as Latest News Impact, Studying Chart Buying Selling Orders History, Different Stock Exchanges Analysis, Market CAP, Latest Pricing of the Currencies, and much more.

7-Days Money Back Guarantee

Add to Cart

Our team will provide you the trading calls every day on your email at 7 AM (GMT -5)

Time can be scheduled as per your call which is near to your time zone. But our best calls work in this time period.


How To Earn Upto $6000/Day with BTC/USDT Trading Calls

Grocery Shop Amazon – Store Discounts, Coupons (September 2020 Update) Fri, 17 Apr 2020 06:43:48 +0000 Buy Cheap Grocery Online in Sonipat City and in Delhi NCR for Amazon Pantry Discount Coupons using Offers. List Latest with all Working Coupons of HDFC, ICICI Bank, SBI Bank, and Internet Banking.

Grocery Shop Amazon – Store Discounts, Coupons (September 2020 Update)

Looking to buy groceries from Amazon? You are at the right place where we will teach you some simple steps and methods to buy groceries online using Amazon Pantry Shop very easily. Grocery Shop Amazon known as Amazon Pantry is World’s best-selling store in Pantry items for the year 2020.

Latest Working Coupons for Amazon Grocery Shopping for the Month of September 2020


By applying the coupons you will get the maximum discount of up to 600 Rs. per order valid on bank-wise as per the terms of the offers and validity of the offer.

Not everyone is an online shopper and it takes time to become PRO in doing online shopping.

PRO in Online Shopping refers to the person who shops online using Maximum Discounts and in Cheap Prices when compared to Local Shops.

Grocery Shop Amazon

There are a lot of companies dealing in Groceries such as Walmart, EasyDay, Reliance SMART, D-MART, and many other local merchants which we call Kriyana Stores (in Indian Language).

How to Buy on Grocery Shop Amazon with Discounts and Cashbacks

Grocery Shop on Amazon is available in almost m

0ost of the countries around the globe, with some different names, but in India, it is known as Amazon Pantry.

The Amazon Pantry store has all items in stock A to Z (as Amazon means) of your household, kitchen, toilet, makeup kits, lipsticks, women items, etc.

We can buy Lip Sticks, Makeup Kits at cheap prices on Amazon Pantry shop online using bank discounts.

You can order and pay at your doorstep or can also [ay online with Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking or UPI Wallets, etc.

With the prepaid payment method, we get huge cashback on shopping.

We also give you up to 90% Discount on Amazon Grocery Pantry Shop.

To get the most benefit of 90% Discount Cashback Coupon, CLICK HERE.

We also have hand-picked deals for buying groceries in Sonipat.

buy grocery online in sonipat

Buy Grocery in Sonipat 1-Day Delivery

Sonipat City Residents can avail 1 Day delivery using Amazon Prime Service, and order Grocery Shop Online from Amazon India Store.

Sonipat Residents check Miraj Cinemas Ticket Offers and Cashbacks.

As the Amazon Warehouse is near to the Sonipat City, you get benefits of 1-Day delivery or same-day delivery also.

You can also buy Mobiles in Cheap Prices on Amazon CLICK TO BUY CHEAP ITEMS.

amazon discount offers sonipat

Grocery Shop Amazon – Store Discounts, Coupons (September 2020 Update)

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Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile to Download Torrent Files Wed, 01 Apr 2020 06:40:23 +0000 Find the most downloaded apps for downloading torrent files on your mobile. Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile Android iOS Platform

Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile to Download Torrent Files

Looking for best torrent downloader apps for your mobile? We will today list out some of the top apps to download torrent files on your mobile.

These torrent apps works for both android as well as for iOS-based mobile phones.

top 5 torrent apps

Torrent download is one the most loving way to download larger files by most people around the globe. This way one can download easily without worrying of download failing, as it enables to download in parts or you can say as your wish when you want, resume it, when you are busy, just pause it.

The best part of torrent downloads is the accuracy and downloading in peers which helps users to even download after shutting down of your computer.

In torrent downloads, one can even download cracks of most of the big Softwares free!

Top Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile

We will now list some of the best apps which you can download in your mobile without thinking for a second. We have listed these apps based on our testing and usage by our team for your convenience.


1. µTorrent® App  – Torrent Downloader for Mobile

µTorrent is among one of the top apps which is popular on the computer as well in mobiles.

µTorrent Labshab

This app helps to search and download torrent extensions using high-speed. The technology used in P2P also known as Peer to Peer file sharing enables the user to download torrent files at high speeds.
This app is used to download songs, movies, Softwares and much more!


Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free


2. BitTorrent®- Torrent App

This app helps us to download the torrents at higher speeds providing us with high performance. The reliability and the UI of this app is much more simple to understand providing us detailed information such as download site, port choice and wifi or data download choice.



Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free





3. Flud App – Review

The most beautiful app for Torrent downloads for your mobile phone. It comes without any speed restrictions for downloads and uploads. Many of the features include are proxy addition, change of place of file while the download is on, magnetic link support, Filtering of IP etc.

Flud App - Review

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free






4. FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player

FrostWire comes among the top lovable torrent download apps for mobile as it has an inbuilt music player which not only keeps you entertaining but also give you torrent downloads. you can easily search torrent files on this app and download all multimedia things such as movies, videos in 4K format and supports all extensions such as Flac or Wav. It also works on P2P model which is a high-speed fast sharing protocol.

FrostWire App Torrent

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free






5. TorrDroid – Android App for Torrents Downloader

TorrDroid as the name says it is an android based torrent downloader which acts as a downloading agent as well as browser.

You can search torrent downloads using this app and it has inbuilt virus and malware scanner which helps you in keeping away from fake torrents, in turn, providing you secure and authentic connection.

TorrDroid – Android App for Torrents Downloader

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free

Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile to Download Torrent Files

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Best Gym in Sonipat – Top Fitness & Zumba Class Center in Sonepat Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:54:22 +0000 Looking for Best Gym to workout? Not able to find Best Workout Place in Sonipat City? Well, you reached the right place. We will today share with you the best workout training center and Zumba classes coaching center in Sonipat. It’s operations by a well-known and personal coach trainer of our Olympic Star Sh. Bajrang(...)

Best Gym in Sonipat – Top Fitness & Zumba Class Center in Sonepat

Looking for Best Gym to workout? Not able to find Best Workout Place in Sonipat City?

Well, you reached the right place.

We will today share with you the best workout training center and Zumba classes coaching center in Sonipat.

It’s operations by a well-known and personal coach trainer of our Olympic Star Sh. Bajrang Punia Ji.

Well, can you guess the name? Well it is, Mr. Naresh Balhara.

Mr. Naresh along with his wife operates a coaching center for the best workout and to keep up body weight and well-balanced immune system.

The name of his Fitness club is THE CROSSFIT CLUB, which is in the heart of Sonipat City, in Sector 14 Market, Sonepat.

The Crossfit Club Sonipat Logo

We all should start our day with a fresh load of exercises!

Yes, you hear that right, Mr. Naresh, teaching the best workouts which top players of India practice at his The Crossfit Club and you can easily spot the top celebrities of the Sports World doing workout here.

Best Gym in Sonipat

Be it the Phogat Sisters to Bajrang Punia to many of the Pro Kabaddi League Players to the Wrestling Teams, Skating Champions and much more, you can find them all practicing here.

He uses the best of the CrossFit techniques to shape your body along with stamina build-up and as well trim you to look more slim and sleek and muscular.

His wife, Ms. Anjali Balhara teaches the best Zumba Dance Classes in Sonipat.

She is a certified Zumba trainer, better known as Zin Anjali Balhara. She is also being followed by Top Zumba Instructors of the world including Ms. Diana Serena.

You can start experience the changes in your lifestyle once you step into this club!

They usually start their classes in the early morning at 5:00 AM in summers and runs up to 10 PM in the night.

We suggest you The Crossfit Club in Sonipat and if looking to shed some weight naturally without using machines, we recommend you visiting once this place.

Details of the Club are as follows:

The Crossfit Club,
Sector 14 Market,
Sonepat Haryana India
Cont: 9814413444

You can also read Google Reviews of The Crossfit Club Sonipat by on the link below:

Read Google Reviews The Crossfit Club Sonipat

We are happy by this place when our team went to the place, the cleanliness, the hygiene and the dedication and devotion of the owners Mr. Balhara and Ms. Balhara! We wish you the best for your future endeavors!

The Crossfit Club Instagram Handle

Please Note This testimonial written by a user of The Crossfit Club and has no personal links with the organization. If you feel, there is an error please send your suggestions at

Best Gym in Sonipat – Top Fitness & Zumba Class Center in Sonepat

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Connect to WiFi without Password (How To Method Trick) Thu, 26 Mar 2020 06:25:03 +0000 Working Trick to Connect to WiFi without Password using two simple steps of WPS Connect without knowing the WiFi Key. WiFi Hack to Connect

Connect to WiFi without Password (How To Method Trick)

Wondering how can we connect to any Wireless Connection which is protected and locked without knowing the password? Is this possible! The answer is YES! We will be teaching today to learn how to connect to WiFi without a password in two simple steps.

We will teach you a working method to connect to WiFi using the WPS button, you can call it Hack, Trick or a clever mind calculation. 

A working method to connect to any WiFi Network. But suppose, for a moment, you forget the password of the WiFi network.

You require an internet connection, WiFi Password is not available? So now what to do?

WPS or WiFi Protected Set-Up is the latest trick to Connect to WiFi without a Password.

We can connect to the WiFi Modem, without using Password, and with the help of WPS!

If you are unaware of the term WPS, let us clear you about the same in brief.

Meaning of WPS and Working of WPS in WiFi Modem?

The full form of WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. In this method, using WPS, we just need to press the WPS button on your router or modem and in your mobile phone or printer or any device to which you are going to connect WiFi. 

Connect to Locked WiFi without Password usually means, we will be connecting to WiFi using the WPS button. In one click, the WiFi will be connected without entering the password.

The WPS method is designed to save your time and connect to any wireless network available without knowing its password thus saving your time.

How To Connect to WiFi without Password

In your Smartphone, Open Settings, Go To WiFi, In the top right Corner of Screen, there are 3 Dots, Tap on the Dots, there is the option of WPS Push Button, Touch on it.

Because in your Router/Modem, check there is a button of WPS, a small tiny button on the Backside or Front side of your Modem. When you press the WPS Button, within seconds your device will be paired!

Connect WiFi without Password


Besides this, we also got a working Hack that can hack any WiFi router, and you can learn the method in our article Hack Any WiFi Connection because it is the really simple and fastest way to connect to any WiFi without Password.

How to Connect to Locked Wifi without password

Hope it helps your query, do not forget to share this with your friends and family.

Connect to WiFi without Password (How To Method Trick)

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Best Place to Eat in Sonipat City – Best Street Food Tue, 11 Jun 2019 10:52:49 +0000 Best Place to Eat in Sonipat City – Best Street Food

So looking for a place to eat and hangout? Well, you are at right place as we will be giving you a list of Best Places to Eat in Sonepat City! 


Ab Sonipat Bhi Kisi se Kum Nhi!!! Share karna mat bhoolna 😀 

So our team was visiting the Sonipat recently a lot due to our work at the Jindal Global University and Ashoka University, meanwhile, we decided to hangout in Sonipat for 1 week and we explored different foods, cuisines, street foods and what not!

Best places to eat in Sonipat are really amazing places.

Best Places to Eat in Sonipat

We have chosen some of the best places which we feel are really cheap in terms of your pocket 😉 and very delicious in terms of your tongue 😀

Top Places in Sonipat – Best Food Best Party Zone

  1. MyShop MyTaste Sector 14 Sonepat
    WOW! Just no words to describe, the food, the taste and of course the pricing! Well, all are in terms of your pocket and your tongue, so we will rate it 5 out of 5! You should visit it a must, it’s a must but only problem, no sitting, only take away or standing!
  2. Chole Bhature Wala Lassi Wala, Near TVS Showroom, Delhi Road, Sonepat
    and if you are looking for a good glass of Sweet Lassi, we will surely tell you to visit this small booth of wood just beside the TVS Showroom. He will give you a big glass of Lassi, Makhan Maar ke 😀
  3. Tony Chole Omelette Egg Wala
    If you are a non-veg, we will surely tell you to visit him and try his Half Fry, Raita and what not! The chutney and the Half Fry are just loved! LOooooooVVVvvvEEE!
  4. Dominos/Pizza Hut: These are all same taste, though not recommended as they are very costly, and not worth!
  5. Pizza Galleria: This is the best place and it overcomes Dominos/Pizza Hut and is better of all! Surely visit this place and you will love the taste, quality and prices! Best for Party in the Town!! Also, there is plenty of space available to sit and dine in and we can have parties here!

So Sonipat Walo? If you have anything else to share, just comment below, and let us know so we can update your suggestions welcome.

Do not forget to share with your friends and relatives.

And our visit to Sonipat was really amazing, we love this city, small and quiet and lovely!

Best Place to Eat in Sonipat City – Best Street Food

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