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How to hide your Whatsapp Last Seen timestamp

How to hide whatsapp last seen timestamp from your iphone. Here is a working technique by which you will be able to hide your whatsapp last seen status.

As we told you about the way by which you can grab iphone paid apps for free. Hi guys, today i will tell you how to hide your whatsapp last seen timestamp on your mobile. You might be caught by your girlfriend flirting with some other girls? Remain always online? So here is this quick trick which will let you hide your last seen on your whatsapp account.

I got it tested on every apple iPhone and it was working flawlessly.

So here is the quick lookup on how to hide your whatsapp last seen timestamp.

 Hide whatsapp last seen-

1.  Open your whatsapp application on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Chat Settings option.


3. Now scroll down and tap on Advanced 



4.  Toggle Your Last Seen Timestamp From On To Off.


This method will help you to hide the whatsapp last seen on your mobile.

It works on all android mobiles and ios mobiles.

iPhone users can now save themselves by freezing the last seen on whatsapp and can date multiple girls lol.

WhatsApp last seen freeze method works best for people who want to cheat or fool other people from whatsapp. We don’t advice you to cheat anyone but it can be used as a fun part for good use.