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How To: Report Confession Post On Facebook to Police Cyber Crime

Now you can report facebook post which is abusive in nature and hurts you.

labshab.comNow a days as you can see, confession pages on Facebook are wide spreading like forest fire. People are posting wrong confessions which cause harm and blow down the self image of the person being represented in the confession’s post.  Now you can Report Facebook post straight to Facebook authority to get help from regarding it.

Facebook also have improved their support for such pages and are responding much faster than ever before with a full support dashboard highlighting your reported posts and status of it. If Facebook team found the post to be harmful, violent or any other kind of hurt causing post, then they will respond to your problem within 24 hrs and the post will be REMOVED.

This helps you to prevent your image being tarnished and also help punish the guilty for taking legal actions against the person who commits the crime.

Here is a quick through on how to report it to Facebook and rather then composing emails and writing emails you can register your report much faster with an easier way and with a tracking of your report. Just follow these simple steps i am sharing with you and i hope you get your problem solved quickly ever then contacting the page admin itself and that depends on the admin whether he/she will remove or not. So why to contact admin? When you got much better options to report the post.

Steps to Report Confession to Police Cyber Crime on Facebook Post

1. Open the Post you want to report to Facebook Team.

2. Click on The ( Cross Option ) at the top end corner of it (Report/Mark as spam)

report facebook page

3. Now the post has been marked as Spam. You need to report this to Facebook Team. Click on the Report (to report the post as abusive)

labshab facebook tutorials

4. Now you will see a list of options regarding which you have to forward it to the Facebook Team. So Select the option Wisely which suits your abusive content depending on your need and depending on the kind of post it is.

labshab facebook report

5.  Check the box Report to Facebook (Tick) and click on Continue.

report facebook pages

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6. Your report has been submitted to the Facebook Team and you will find your response about it in Dashboard section in your account.

facebook contact email

Status Of your report will look like-

email of facebook team

To Navigate To Dashboard Section-

1. Open Account Settings.

facebook report confession

2. Now open the Support Dashboard to have a look on your submitted reports and solution to it. ( I personally reported a confession which was harassing me and it got removed in less then 24 hrs )

facebook supoort team

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