Increase Jio 4G Speed to Boost Jio Download Speed

Tips and Tricks to increasing Jio 4G Speed upto 60 Mbps and boost the Network range for Reliance JIO

Hey Guys, welcome back! Today we will tell you to increase Jio 4G Speed upto 50 MBPS and download speed upto 6 MBPS. As users are increasing, many Jio users are complaining about the sudden decrease in speed. We all know that Jio is giving free 4G services including Data, Voice, SMS for 90 days unlimited use, so it is obviously that the users will increase which will impact overall on the speed of internet. But we have found a working method which makes the speed increase by switching to higher speed bands of LTE. So ultimately it will not only increase the download speed, it will also improve the stability of speed variation.

Latest Update: (April 2019)

The browsing speed of Jio Sim normally provides 10-15 MBPS which means you easily get around ~1MBPS download speed. The variation in download speed as compared to surfing speed has a difference of /8. So now to make it 4 times the actual speed, here for eg., we will follow the steps given below which will help is boosting the Jio Download Speed upto 10 times. Yes! you hear that right, upto 10 times we can boost Reliance Jio Speed. Its all the game of Bands of LTE, which have different frequencies and which provide different speeds as per the frequencies band of LTE.

Increase Jio 4G Speed

How to get Download speed upto 6 Mbps in Reliance Jio 4G

Now users who are looking at easy way and are usually doing browsing by creating hotspot can use this method easily. Its just as simple as using without any third party software’s or apps. You just have to follow the below given steps, as our team have already tested and confirmed the working ot these steps on boosting the Jio 4G Speed.

  • If you are using torrent to download files, then we suggest you to simultaneously add 15-20 Torrents together on your download list, Force Start the torrents and allow to get them download without pausing. In starting you will get speed of around ~20-70Kbps but after sometime it will gradually increase up to ~6 Mbps. {Please have patience and don’t expect a sudden boost in speed in starting}
  • Make sure you are not sitting too deep somewhere, where Jio signals are less. If the tower of Jio 4g is less, then it may automatically provide you with lower speed. Make sure to find a spot where you get at least 10-15 Mbps. {In our office, we get speed of around 10 Mbps in one corner room and opposite side of the same room we get 50-60 Mbps, its all due to the Network LTE Band your device catches.}
  • Find the APN Settings below to make sure you are using these same configuration in your APN Settings. If you are not sure, then you must delete the JIO 4G APN Settings and configure with the settings value given below.

APN Settings to Boost Increase Jio 4G Speed

Open settings in your device, and tap on More. Now you will see a option of Mobile Networks, once you open the Mobile Network settings, open Access Point Name for Jio 4g. If ther is any APN saved as ‘jionet’ you may delete it and proceed further to create new APN as follow-

  1. Name:
  2. APN: jionet
  3. APN Type: Default
  4. Username: Blank
  5. Password: Blank
  6. Proxy & Port: Blank
  7. Server:
  8. MMSC: Blank
  9. MMS Port: Blank
  10. MCC Value: 405
  11. MNC Value: 874 or 857 or 863 {You can use any one of the value}
  12. Authentication: Blank
  13. APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6
    The above settings Blank referes to as Nothing, means you don’t have to change any settings for Blank option and leave them as it is. Once you are done with the above settings, reboot your device and start browsing Internet with an improved speed.

If the above settings don’t work for your mobile device, you can try the Latest App Hex Method.

App Method to Increase Jio 4G Speed :

  • Make sure you are only using ‘UC Mini’ browser.
  • Download the app from Playstore/Appstore named ‘Snap VPN’
  • Once you are done installing both the apps above, proceed further to any website in UC Mini.
  • For eg. I am interested to download movie Sultan, so when the download starts, just after crossing 2 MB, pause it.
  • Now open Snap VPN app. You will find there many servers, Choose India and Connect.
  • Once your connection is successfully connected, resume your download.
  • Now once the file has crossed 10 MB, open the Settings, VPN, Disconnect & Reconnect once again after gap of 2-3 minutes.
  • This time connect to Singapore Server
  • Let the download speed increase. It will gradually once stable to ~2-3 Mbps, then you may close the Snap VPN app and let the download happen.
  • If your mobile device is still showing slow speed, then we request you to check the Band LTE in Phone Settings, *#*#4636#*#* and choose LTE Only.