MojoLand Murthal Tickets Price Booking Water Park (February 2020 Offers)

Mojo Land in Murthal is a Multi Theme Amusement Park. For Tickets Booking and Details and How to Reach Mojo Land, Check out yourself!

MojoLand in Murthal, Haryana is a multi theme amusement park in India. If you are looking for some break fun enjoy on the way going from Delhi to Chandigarh or vice versa.  Then it is the right place to have fun.

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Earlier known as Demain Land, this comprises of all the amusement fun you want to have at one place. Situated on National Highway NH1 (now known as NH44) GT Road with well connecting links to and fro New Delhi.

Also recently, MojoLand Murthal has started Paramotoring in collaboration with FlyFolks Murthal C/o Chhikara and Sujith, Owner, MojoLand.

DC Shoes powered Skate Park is also in process of set up and is said to be Delhi NCR’s first Skate Park to be opened up in Mojo Land.

Video Link:- Click to Watch DC Shoes Facebook Mojoland X DC Skatepark in Action.

Mojo Land is being set up by NCR LEISURE PRIVATE LIMITED which is formed in June 2015. Further details can be seen below:

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 Mojoland Tickets Booking

If you are interested to book a Ticket for yourself and your family, check out the prices mentioned below. The pricing of the Tickets is out on its launch in May, 2017 and the price of tickets are pretty good. As the official confirmation we received from MojoLand Management Team regarding Tickets, Couple Pass, Entry Fees, Discounts, Packages and Pricing & for Special School Packages, the prices of tickets are as following:-

 MojoLand Tickets Price, MojoLand Lagoon Entry Charges

For Weekdays:-

Children & Adults Rs. 700/-

Couples Rs.  1200/-

Students Rs.  550/-

Senior Citizens Rs. 550/-

If you are having your BIRTHDAY then its Free!

MojoLand Lagoon Ticket Price on Weekends:

For Weekends:-

Children & Adults Rs. 850/-

Couples Rs 1500/-

Students Rs 650/-

Senior Citizens Rs 650/-

If you are having your BIRTHDAY then its Free!

The Timing of the MojoLand is from 11am to 6pm from Monday to Sunday.

Mojo Land Ticket Offers (February 2020)!

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What is MojoLand?

MojoLand is Multi Theme Amusement Park which is as per the owners claiming to be First in India. This will provide different attractions for kids as well for all age group. It will be opened full day with full day entertainment services.

The Amusement Park has different Phases. All different phases have itself a attraction on its own.

Phase I will have:

  • Laser Land
  • Adventure Land
  • Event Arena
  • Drive-in Theater

Phase II will have:

  • Aqua land
  • Snow land
  • Aero Sports Zone
  • Food courts
  • Cottages

**Cost estimated for construction of MojoLand is approximately close to INR 25 Crores exclusive land. The total land for MojoLand in Murthal is close to 30 Acres. If we calculate the pricing of the Land then total cost for MojoLand stands at around INR 70 Crores which is close to $9 Million excluding the CLU charges which are also paid to Government to convert Agricultural Land use for Resort/Water Park. As per sources it also close to another ~5 Crores. (Not Verified from MojoLand Officials)

As per sources, a slide prepared by Harsha Mandava for cost estimation is as following:

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Cost estimate Phase I
Adventure land – Rs. 100 lacs
Laser land – Rs. 100 lacs
Event Arena – Rs. 50 lacs
Civil Works – Rs. 100 lacs
Total – Rs. 350 lacs

Cost estimate Phase II
Aqua land – Rs. 300 lacs
Snow land – Rs. 1000 lacs
Aero sports – Rs. 200 lacs
Food courts – Rs. 500 lacs
Civil works – Rs. 200 lacs
Electric & Gen – Rs. 200 lacs
Total – Rs. 2400 lacs

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**(Approximately, exact figures not known)

Owner/Team of MojoLand, Village Dhaturi, Murthal, Haryana

Team working for setting up are Chartered Accountant in Nature of work. With there offices headquartered in North India as well as South India.

mojoland owner

Official Contact Details are:

NH1 GT Karnal Road (now known as NH44)
Village Dhaturi, Murthal

mojo land murthal map

mojo land layout

(All information published on this page are collected from different sources available over Internet, Google Maps, Prezi and Facebook for general awareness campaign for Public of India)