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How To: Facebook Safety Privacy Settings

Now make you more secure and away from hackers stealing your private data. Keep yourself more secure and increase the privacy of your accounts now.

Nowadays, it is very easy to hack someone profile but let us tell you that it is really easy then hacking to make your profile more secure so hackers even cant exploit your account. Now you can secure your important conversations, your data which is being uploaded on Facebook can be secured by just following some easy tips.

Now you can easily improve the privacy setup for your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn profile. This is an extra safety measure extra one should adopt plus to top best free antivirus for your mobile phone. Everyone is concerned about his/her privacy and thief’s usually take help of these social networking websites to capture a user’s profile data.

To make it more improve and secure, this AVG PrivacyFix download will help you to make it more secure and better experience for a privacy concerned user. Also it will help you to make you more secure and in your own private world then being engaging into other’s life as well as other activities. We advise you to use it if you are concerned for a better privacy for your profile.

This AVG PrivacyFix displays all the do’s and dont’s you have to select, presenting all things in a well designed format. It also has a proper UI which help you understand more quickly and get through it without any difficulties.

A non.technical person can also handle this app very easily and set all things properly without getting frustrated.

Now for getting started with the application, you must grant permissions to the application, i.e. you have to connect all your social accounts to this app. This is a trusted application so dont worry it will only make it easy for you and not difficult.

After the application links to your account, for example, say Facebook, then it will automatically scan for the vulnerable privacy settings which can let your privacy disturbed, and will alert you. Now you can easily fix it within a click and all will be done within the app.

Below are some of the screenshots from the application running on iOS device-

safety privacy facebookAVG PrivacyFix freeAVG PrivacyFix download

Same it does with Google accounts, like it has many features including one of the YouTube etc. etc. So just move to the app to get started.

Its absolutely free of cost and no charge is required to make this app working. It is free for everyone to make them more secure and happy.

To install AVY PrivacyFix-

For iPhone Users, Click here

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