How to Trace iPhone using Find my iPhone Application

Find out the stolen or lost iPhone using Find My iPhone application for free. Helps you to find iPhone and trace its location.

Are you afraid if you lost your iPhone and don’t know how to track down? Well, today I will teach you how to configure your iPhone so that if by chance you lost it you can easily track it down from your computer.

iPhone itself comes with an option of finding your lost iPhone but many of the users don’t know how to use it or they just don’t configure the settings out there. That’s why after losing your iPhone, they regret, and then at that moment, no option is left to trace it.

So, if you are reading this post and having your iPhone then be fast to configure it for any future misshapen if it happens. Also, make sure you have written the IMEI number of your iPhone somewhere private for future purpose. If you don’t know how to find out the IMEI number then follow our guide to find out the IMEI number of your iPhone.

Find my iPhone lets you help to track down your iPhone’s location i.e. where it is located and also much other options like, you can erase your data remotely if it is having some private personal very very much important data, a passcode to set remotely to prevent the thief from using it, play sound on your device if it is misplaced somewhere nearby and you don’t remember.

So basically it is a nice inbuilt option by Apple which let you find your lost iPhone or track your iPhone in your home itself (if you forgot where you placed it)

How to Track iPhone Theft Free App, How to Trace Lost iPhone using Find my iPhone Application?

  • So to make it running in your iPhone and configure the settings, please open the following options-

Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone

  • Are you already logged in the iCloud account then you have to just turn it on i.e. Tap on ON in front of Find My iPhone
  • If you haven’t signed in or don’t have an account, then kindly follow the onscreen instructions and grab an account to log you in. After logging in repeat the above step as mentioned.
  • You just turned on the FIND My iPhone option, you just set the security and it is running.
  • Go, and test it to make sure it is configured properly visit icloud.com on your computer.

find lost stolen iphone using find my iphone

  • Log in with your account
  • Move to Find My iPhone option.

track lost iphone 5

  • Proceed further and you will be asked to input your password, input the password and whoa! There you go. You will see your iPhone location being displayed with a GREEN dot that indicated its present location.

trace lost iphone online

Please note these important things so that your Find my iPhone works properly-

  • Never turn off the location settings of your iPhone when you are going out of your home. It is to ensure because if it is turned off then find my iPhone won’t be able to capture your iPhone’s location and it won’t be able to locate it.
  • Make sure you have a working internet connection on your iPhone. This is needed because find my iPhone uses your internet connection to send the data and capture it so that you can view from your computer.
  • Never tap on Erase data while you are locating your iPhone, if you do so all the data will be erased and maybe your iPhone hangs up if it is jailbroken. This option is to be selected only when your iPhone is being misused by thief under heavy circumstances you are forced to tap this button. But if this option is checked, then your all settings will be erased and find my iPhone will stop working. This option is to be tapped only when you think you won’t get your iPhone back but also make it sure that the thief can’t access any of the things present in the iPhone.

All done. I hope now you will be able to locate your iPhone if ever lost.

You can also download paid applications for free without paying.