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How to add friends on Facebook in block period

Send friend requests to people while your friend requests are blocked on facebook. This trick will let you add facebook people in friend requests block active also.

How to add friends on Facebook in block periodNow you can add friends on Facebook in your active block period. If you have been blocked on Facebook for sending friend requests, then don’t feel sad because you can still add the people you want to add without any problem.

Facebook from past few years has been implement various securities and tweaks to avoid the misuse of it thus introducing new codes which really embarrass people. So one of the new coding by Facebook include this friend requests block which blocks a user from sending requests for limited time period.

Lets have a look on how this trick works and thus will let you send requests to other users in your block active period.


How it Works?


  • ¬†Firstly you have to find out the email address of the person you want to add.
  • Now go to Add Personal Contacts as Friends option in Facebook.
  • Now when you reach here, you will be able to send the friend requests to the people even if you are blocked from sending friend requests.
  • If you are looking to send the friend requests to lot of people while your block is active, please follow the given below instructions carefully.
  • On your laptop or computer, open a new Notepad file, add all the email address of the persons you need to add separated by comma(,) for eg, [email protected]. [email protected] and so on.
  • Save this file using the extension .vcf which will help you further to upload on Facebook.
  • Now you just created an email address contact file, which will let you send to all the email address as friends request.
  • Visit Add Personal Contacts as Friends on Facebook and there you will find an option to upload contact file. Its located the last option there.
  • You will be asked to upload your .vcf file you just created. Browse for it and upload it.
  • All Done! Facebook will automatically to the email address mentioned in that file.

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