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How to boost and increase your blog traffic in easy steps

Now improve your website’s traffic and ranking in less time. Follow the guide to help you to improve your rank performance and website overall improvement on the internet.

So you need to increase the traffic on your blog? Facing fewer traffic issues? This tutorial will help you to boost your traffic and increase the traffic movement on your blog in simple easy steps.

Earlier one of my own personal blogs was facing such traffic issues, but after implementing some changes and some of the updates, my traffic movement increased so as the rank was improved in very little time.

 Boost and increase your blog traffic in easy steps

How to boost and increase your blog traffic in easy steps


How to boost and increase your blog traffic in easy steps


As you can clearly see from those two pictures above, after the implementation of the new updates and changes, the traffic movement dramatically increased thus impressions and improvement in rank.

Steps to enhance your blog traffic-

  • Make sure to list your blog in Google’s Webmaster tools
  • Write good quality articles with focus on more words and fewer pics and videos.
  • Try to update your blog on each alternate day
  • Delaying updates for your blog means no invitation to Google crawlers, thus not insight with Google. So try to avoid this
  • Try to fetch as Google itself in Google’s webmaster tools.
  • Tip- Fetch your sitemap and submit all URLs to index. It will submit all URL’s to Google index i.e. spoon-feeding to Google bots lol
  • Create backlinks, by checking whois domains and your website performance in various websites which create backlink after
  • Write unique content followed by in links of your blog relating to the same topic
  • Create robots.txt for your website. If you don’t know one, then click here to create robots.txt
  • Try to implement the best themes optimized for SEO
  • Proper use of Headings inside posts, this is the main part for the robots to understand headings tags. So don’t ignore it.
  • Social share is the way to make it grow
  • Submit sitemaps in Google’s Webmaster tools
  • Don’t upload any hacking or unusual data which may lead penalty or kicking your blog out of Google’s search engine

Follow these above-mentioned steps and traffic will eventually increase. If you have any queries can post your comments below.