Best Call Recorder for iPhone to Record Conversations

This tutorial will teach you how to record calls on your iPhone. First ever call recorder made for an iPhone is here to record your private and important conversations.

So ever thought you can record all incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone? I think NO! As from years and years, no one has ever cam across such application to record your calls. It has been a major problem for the users who wanted to record calls on their iPhone. But today i will tell you how to record calls on your iPhone so easily with an application.


iPhone call recorder is currently supported only by jail broken devices and is not supported by non-jailbreak devices. So to get this call recorder on your iPhone just follow the simple steps given below.

How to install it?

Open cydia on your device and add this repo in your packages.


audio call recorder for iphone

After adding up with the repo, now search for the Audio Recorder and install it.

Your iPhone will be rebooted once, after completing the process, go to-

Settings>Audio Recorder

iphone call recorder application download


Now turn it ON. Now its inn enabled mode. Check the settings you need to do as per your requirement. Basic settings include-

Record Calls – ALL

Beep Sound- OFF

Works on all iPhones including iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5SE 2016 model.

All iOS 9 Supported.

You have just activated the call recorded now whenever you receive a call or outgoing call you make, calls will be automatically recorded.


 How to see recorded calls?

Whenever you do a call or receive a call, you will notice a red icon blinking on your screen, which means the calls are being recorded.

iphone calls record free

After completing your call, when you hang up, you will see a badge alert on your icon of call recorder as shown below. This indicates you have a new call recording in your iPhone.

record audio recorder calls

Now tap to open it and see the recording listen it or you can also forward it via mail.

apple iphone record calls

This application allows you to record calls incoming or outgoing. Disabling beep indicates that the caller on the other end wont be able to know whether the call is being recorded or not. Doing such act without the knowledge of other is against laws. So kindly do it at your own risk.


You can also view the working of this application. Click here to see how it works.