Increase call history iPhone jailbroken device

Grab free iPhone app to increase your call history. You need this tweak mentioned on the tutorial to increase it. Increase upto 10000 with 100% working method.

This is my small tutorial which will tell you on how to increase the call history of your device and store more call logs of many months. It’s a nice trick to make you store logs of longer history dates and also its a nice way to keep update of numbers in your call log history. Just watch the video below if you want to increase call history on iPhone? increase your call history of apple iPhone now. If any queries post your comments and we will be happy to serve you 🙂


The iPhone call history by default isn’t capable to store much of the call logs so to over ride the default feature we have introduced this custom method which help you to increase call history up to 10000. Dont get shocked! It works for real and you can watch my video below for further information.

Currently as of 2016 Update, the Call History works with Jailbroken devices only. If you are not running a Jailbroken device we advise you to learn our method to jailbreak your device.

Once your iPhone is jail broken you can follow our tutorial to increase the Call Log, Call History of Incoming Outgoing calls from default to 10000 and much more as per your need.

Some of the people say that by Jail-breaking, its risky to iPhone and blah, but to be frank nothing wrong happens, just warranty is voided, that also only in Jailbreak, if you remove the jailbreak using system restore of iPhone software then you will be able to enjoy your warranty as per your current warranty status.

By Default Apple restricts the call history to very less, which is difficult for many users who want to fetch out call details from an old date. This method is useful for the users who depend a lot on the call history and other incoming outgoing call details.

You will be needed the file- Get it from here.


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