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Top 10 Photo editing apps on iPhone & Android [Most Downloaded]

Best top downloading apps to edit your photos and capture most amazing photos using photo editing apps. For iOS and Android the most popular downloading photo editing applications.

The best apps to make you go crazy with your mobile phone. You dont need anymore buy a DSLR but now you can catch such pictures from your mobile itself using a couple of handy applications which make the pictures look like real and ultimate shots. Are you a photographer? Or you love clicking photos and editing? Well here are the most download and most popular iOS and Android apps which will help you to make out the most use of your Photographs!

Well the stock camera only allows you to click snaps and pics, but if you are photofreakkkkkkkk, then that not enough for you! You need some more apps to make it more amazing and make it your own thing best out of it, so for that you need to have some apps which will help you out. Here are the most download and most popular apps for iPhone and android.

Best Photo Editing iPhone App – Android Apps Top 10 :

best photography apps for android and ios

1. Snapseed (iOS, Android)

This photo editor also provides you with the editing effects but one of most useful feature of this app is that, you can edit a portion of the photo without affecting the other portions in the photograph. Also you can adjust the alignment of any photograph if you need to using this app. This app is powered by Google Inc. and is among one of the fast and fantastic editor.

2. Photo Studio (Android)

This app is used both by learners as well as experts of photography! You can now process your captures images with more style and more effects. A basic mobile studio which includes all over more than 70 effects including rust, fabric, heart, frames, noise etc. Other features you will love to play are lens boost and the magic tools including the color splash editors to make your photos more glowing and enhance their visual properties without showing editing (because some people dont want that the other person get to know if its edited or not)

3. Camera+ (iOS)

This app gonna make your jaw drop! Yes, the ultimate editing effects and other new features to help you out like Zoom feature extended will make your iPhone turn into an DSLR! It works on iPhone and iPad as well. This is the must have application which you should never miss. It costs some bucks in the app store which is really make pay and use, but if you arent looking to pay, then check out the tutorial how to get paid iPhone apps for free!

4. Instagram (iOS, Android)

Instagram, yet the name itself reflects Insta- Instant Gram- Post. Yes for social networking freaks, this app is a must have to share on the social networking platform and other tools to edit and visualize your photos. This is among one of the most demanding tool which is among iOS users as well as android users.

5. 360 Panorama (iOS, Android)

As the  name itself defines, this app will you taking panorama pictures well this time in 360 mode enabled. Other features include automatic GPS location stamp, gyro-viewing and embedding.

6. Photoshop Express (iOS, Android)

This app will turn your device into a Photo shoot device, that is you will be able to have clicks finest quality with other features to share and edit them as well. Serves best who are looking to do photography from their mobile devices itself!

7. Pixlr Express (iOS and Android)

The another app which will help you to change the visual effect in your photos, such as you can fix the red eye using this tool, and other basic features like re-sizing and crop etc. With the inbuilt sharing options help you to directly share them over the go with the editing effect, saves lot of time of the users!

8. Pixable, (iOS, Android)

Pixable is the app which was rates as best by CNN and listen in the top best 50 tech tools. This is easy to use and a simple app which helps in storing your photos as well helps to rank them depending on the popularity schema!

9. FhotoRoom

This application gonna help you to add additional effects, filters and frames. Also the inbuilt sharing options let you easily share across the globe without much trouble. With over more than 75 editing effects you can enhance your photos and improve the stability by simple tools. Also it supports the Windows phone, a must have app for them!

10. FotoDanz (Android)

Why to capture a simple picture, when you are able to take a dancing photograph! Oh Yes, the inbuilt loop feature will help you to compose a short film, you can say a short video using the photos. The other thing is done by the app itself. It also includes other editing features and many filters to be used! Dont miss the chance to try it once!