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Design your own personal Chrome Extension Quickly

Create your own Google chrome application within few minutes. No technical knowledge or coding skills required. Chrome extensions makes your tasks easier and also saves your time by doing quick tasks thus saving your time.

Chrome, a powerful browser powered by Google now supports your own custom extensions, that is now you can design your own personal app to display for your personal or your commercial use. Today i will be teaching you how to make a chrome app within 3 minutes quick guide. You can also create your own Chrome App Extension and earn money for free! Chrome app extension can also help your business grow and attract more customers then ever before. Just follow our easy guide and design your own Chrome App Extension for Free!

Google chrome, now the most wanted and used web browser comes up with 5 pre installed default apps, including the popular mail service Gmail. Chrome supports extensions on its platform which let you install apps on itself for further and more ease of comfort. But, the most amazing thing is, without being a coder or having knowledge how to make an extension, you can easily design your own app without facing any problem.

The extensions on the Google Chrome, help you perform a lot of actions quickly and saving your time. it also helps you in development in commercial sector, if you are develop then it might help you to be famous and moreover let you earn money. Today we will look on a quick guide which will let you design a simple chrome extension or you can a simple chrome application.


How to design –

1. Make a folder on your desktop. Rename it to your custom  name which your want it to display on Chrome.

2. Create a New Text Document file and Paste the following code into it-

“name”: “iupdateU Lab”,
“description”: “Technology, Internet and Software”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“manifest_version”: 2,
“icons”: {
“128”: “labshab.png”
“app”: {
“urls”: [
“launch”: {
“web_url”: “”

Please Note- Add your custom texts in “name” , “description” , “128” [image file name] , “urls” , “web_url”

3. Now dont just save it. You have to Save As it and select all files type instead of saving it as .txt format. Give it name manifest.json

4. After that you will be able to see now 2 files, manifest.json and your icon of the extension.

5. Now move to Google Chrome. Open the URL chrome://extensions

6. Check the developer mode and select Load Unpacked Extension.

7. Now browse for the folder which you just created.

8. Upload it and enjoy with your own personal Chrome app.