Best WordPress Theme for Blogging

Best WordPress theme which is SEO Optimized & Responsive for new Bloggers, to increase earnings.

For every Blogger there arises a big question in terms of the Best WordPress Theme which is SEO Optimized and also Responsive in different platforms when a user visit their website. So today we gonna discuss some of the best SEO optimized Responsive WordPress themes which will help you to design and make a good looking pretty blog/website for your new venture!

As you all know that a pretty women attracts public and make jaw drops, so likewise a responsive website, attracts readers as well. You can make out two things here, the one is that does it really matter to design a responsive website and how does it relates to a pretty looking women and the other one, by making a responsive website/blog what benefits do we receive as a blogger.

Well, the term responsive itself says it should be responsive which means it should be responsive while viewing on a tablet, while viewing on mobile phone or while viewing on desktop, the blog should be well oriented and easily adaptable to different screen sizes a reader is using. Your reader can use a 19′ monitor screen to visit the blog or on a small screen mobile phone. The design should be in such manner that the blog automatically adjusts itself in accordance to the screen size of your visitor.

There are plenty of WordPress theme developers you will find on internet. One developer is selling a theme for some price, while the other developer gives it for free. First make out the difference, why a theme is charged for a price and why a WordPress theme is available for free. Whats the difference between a Free WordPress Theme and a Premium WordPress theme which is available for some money. There isn’t much difference but a premium theme comes with plenty of premium things with itself.

The premium theme developer provides you with Technical Support for the coding files, better optimized for various WordPress plugins, better Search Engine Optimized which means a better SEO results in Google search engine or any other search engine while a Free WordPress theme is made available to you for free and it miss some premium features such as Technical support, live support, miss some SEO features, you can say some are not responsive, does not support all plugins. It totally depends on the blogger in accordance to his budget and future, which theme he chooses to rely upon and make his career start on. For a newbie, we recommend to use some of the great WordPress Free Themes, which will help him for time being to progress slowly slowly and once the blogger adjusts himself in the environment of WordPress and technically gets some knowledge can switch on to any of the WordPress Premium themes.

We will discuss with you and provide you with the Best WordPress Theme for Blogging and which is also SEO optimized as well responsive in nature.

What matters for a good WordPress Theme?

  • It should be compatible with all Browsers
  • SEO Optimized including Schema
  • Supports all Plugins integration
  • Have widgets
  • Contains Social Media sharing
  • Ultra optimized for various Publisher Ads for monetization
  • Responsive for all gadgets
  • Fast Loading speed


This theme is powered by ThriveThemes and has one of the best design. It has rich features which helps you to increase the user engagement within you blog content which subsequently helps in building a good email list.


The theme can be easily customized in different colors and you can choose from different colors to make it look rich.

With its inbuilt features like Social Sharing Widgets, Slide gallery, sidebar etc. you can easily make out your spot and make your brand grow within short time.


Another masterpiece creation from ThriveThemes, the FocusBlog theme helps Bloggers to make a good professional touch website in WordPress.


ThriveThemes have made it easy for a blogger to increase there sales as its design and user engagement is made out to make most of it for a blogger. The image optimization feature automatically optimize the images and opt-in forms to increase sales as well engagement.

Cool – Responsive WordPress Blog theme

A work by userthemes01, this theme is available on ThemeForest and is our choice of theme for best SEO Optimization and responsive. As the name itself says, “Cool – Responsive WordPress Blog theme” this theme gives a cool look to your blog by creating a best user-experience for your visitors.


There are plenty of layout to be chosen upon which distinguish itself from the old pattern of the blogs.

There are many features which you will love, like inbuilt Related Posts section which automatically choose the best Related Posts and which helps in your reader to spend more time in reading the content and related content thus increasing user engagement on your blog. It has a Newsletter widget and is SEO optimized to make sure that your blog content is readable by Search Engine robots.

The support provided by userthemes01 is also uncountable as they are always available for your help and thus it makes on the list of Best WordPress Theme for Blogging, SEO Optimized & Responsive on our blog.