InMotion Hosting – Should a Blogger Choose for a WordPress Blog?

InMotion in depth Review for a WordPress Blogger. Is InMotion hosting best to host a WordPress Blog for a blogger? Lets find out in detail.

A person who is planning to become a blogger has different questions in his mind regarding Hosting Services, SEO Tips for a Blogger, Best WordPress Themes a Blogger should choose. So, Today we are taking one of the topic regarding Hosting. We will be going to review InMotion Hosting, whether a blogger should choose this hosting or not. Check out the complete InMotion Hosting Review by our team which discusses all necessary points in details to help a newbie to decide whether to go for this hosting or not.inmotion hosting review

InMotion Hosting Company Details

The InMotion Hosting company has been serving in hosting industry since 2001. Its roughly more then 15 years they are serving customers of different websites. When the EIG group acquired most of the Hosting companies late back, InMotions Hosting stand out to an independently owned company above EIG Group to provide better hosting.

InMotion Hosting – Shared Hosting Plan Features

  • Free 1 Year Domain Credits. (If you use your credits in starting well and good, but if you dont want to buy a domain, then these credits can be claimed at any time to get a Free Top Level Domain)
  • Independent Data Centers in US. (You can host your website in Los Angeles, CA or in Washington, DC)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting which makes it 100% compatible with all WordPress Features* from a Advanced user to a Basic User
  • 100% Pure SSD Powered Servers (What is SSD? Ans: SSD have high speed upto 20x faster than normal Hard Driver Powered Servers)
  • Full Tech Support for Site Migration completely Free (Helps in migrating from one host to another host without loss of data & up time of website)
  • Highly Maintained Server Software and Basics (All new updates in the Server time to time, quick updates)
  • 24×7 Support available on Chat & Phone
  • Inbox Email SPAM Filtering
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee with any time Money Back Guarantee ( For Eg. If you take Hosting for 12 Months for 5$ Each totaling 60$ and then plan to withdraw service after 10 months, then you will get your 2 months amount totaling to 10$ back)
  • High Speed Zones with CDN Level Usability Peering Based Network Service (Makes sure your website loads up at blazing fast speeds at different locations with different visitors at same time)

These were the features which we noticed in hosting one of our Clients Website and there are many other features which maybe we could not observe. But I am sure these rich features will surely attract you towards them for a Hosting Plan you wish to host your website on.

InMotion Hosting Review Pricing – Shared Hosting Plans Compare

inmotion hosting pricing

For a WordPress site, best plans to get start up with are the Shared Hosting Plans. InMotions Hosting provide three different Plans named as Launch, Power and Pro.

The Launch Plan priced at $5.99/MO (Click for $4.89/MO specially for LabsHAB Visitors) offers you to Host 2 Different Domains on Single Hosting Plan. It misses 1-Click Installation of various Software which the other two plans offer.

The other plan known as Power, it is priced at $7.99/MO (Click for $6.29/MO specially for LabsHAB Visitors) offers to host 6 Different Domains. You can create 6 Different Websites and manage it from your Power InMotion Hosting Plan. It also offers Unlimited MySQL Databases.

The third plan know as Pro at $13.99/MO(Click for $10.49/MO specially for LabsHAB Visitors) allows you to host Unlimited number of Websites on it. If you are a pro bloggers and owns more then 6 websites, then we suggest you to choose this plan as it is future friendly as well for expansion of domains to Unlimited.