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How to Close Background Apps in iPhone – Kill Apps Feature iOS

Now Close iphone background apps, kill iphone running applications. How to close open app on iphone. Increase iphone speed and performance to extreme

iphone multitasking close app barGot a new iPhone? Downloaded apps, using apps but don’t know how to close them? In this tutorial i will tell you how to kill or close the running background apps on your iPhone or any apple device! For every single apple device the procedure is same! Close iPhone background apps to make it work smoother And also if you run too many applications on your iPhone and don’t close them, it will make your iPhone too much slow in process and your iDevice will begin lagging and hanging while you do your work.

Its of course necessary to make sure you have closed the apps so as to make it perform steadily and faster without any lags/slow down processes.  If your apps are running in background they also make the battery drain faster as compared to a device running with all apps shut.

So guys go through the below steps to make sure your apps are killed when you let your iPhone go in standby mode to make sure it gives a better performance and a good battery life.

How to close iPhone background apps ?

1. Double tap the Home button to check the running apps.

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2. You will find the running apps icons being displayed. Now you have close them one by one.

iphone apps close

3. Keep your finger  Tap on any of the applications icon till a ” – ” sign appears on top left corner of the icon. Now to close the app, you have to again tap on the ” – ” sign to close the apps.

close running background apps

4. There you go. All the apps running in background are closed.

how to close iphone background apps




Tested Working – APRIL 2024 with All iOS


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