How to Hide Change IP Address using Proxy Software IP Masker

Change IP address of PC and browse internet anonymously. Browse using proxy software. Best free proxy software for windows. Hide IP address proxy using safe IP.

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Hey guys, today i will tell you how to change ip address of pc and browse internet anonymously for free! An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical based number which is given to every device (e.g., computer, printer) that participates in a computer network which uses the Internet Protocol for having communication worldwide.

Basically we have two methods to do this i.e. either you can use proxy itself and manually edit it in the internet settings of your pc if you have proxy lists and the second method is by using a third party software which will do all work itself by giving a CLICK.

There are plenty of  software you will find on the internet but some works and mainly some are of no use and makes your pc slow.

The one which i prefer is safe ip which will itself change the ip address of your pc and make you browse internet anonymously.

Install this application from the link given below of the post.

You can change your ip address to any of the location worldwide like us, canada, uk etc. etc.

Open the application and tap on Change IP. As you can see in the image below, After tapping on it your ip address will be changed automatically.

change ip proxy address




To prefer your selected location ip address, Select from the list of countries available and choose your prefered location.

change ip safe ip

That’s it. You just changed your ip address.