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Connect to WiFi without Password Trick (APRIL 2024 Tested)

Working Trick to Connect to WiFi without Password using two simple steps of WPS Connect without knowing the WiFi Key. WiFi Hack to Connect

Wondering how can we connect to any Wireless Connection which is protected and locked without knowing the password? Is this possible! The answer is YES! We will be teaching today to learn how to connect to WiFi without a password in two simple steps. APRIL 2024 Update

We will teach you a working method to connect to WiFi using the WPS button, you can call it Hack, Trick or a clever mind calculation. 

A working method to connect to any WiFi Network. But suppose, for a moment, you forget the password of the WiFi network.

You require an internet connection; WiFi Password is not available? So now what to do?

WPS or WiFi Protected Set-Up is the latest trick to Connect to WiFi without a Password.

We can connect to the WiFi Modem, without using Password, and with the help of WPS!

If you are unaware of the term WPS, let us clear you about the same in brief.

Meaning of WPS and Working of WPS in WiFi Modem?

The full form of WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. In this method, using WPS, we just need to press the WPS button on your router or modem and in your mobile phone or printer or any device to which you are going to connect WiFi. 

Connect to Locked WiFi without Password usually means, we will be connecting to WiFi using the WPS button. In one click, the WiFi will be connected without entering the password.

The WPS method is designed to save your time and connect to any wireless network available without knowing its password thus saving your time.

How To Connect to WiFi without Password

In your Smartphone, Open Settings, Go to WiFi, In the top right Corner of Screen, there are 3 Dots, tap on the Dots, there is the option of WPS Push Button, Touch on it.

Because in your Router/Modem, check there is a button of WPS, a small, tiny button on the Backside or Front side of your Modem. When you press the WPS Button, within seconds your device will be paired!

Connect WiFi without Password


Besides this, we also got a working Hack that can hack any WiFi router, and you can learn the method in our article Hack Any WiFi Connection because it is the really simple and fastest way to connect to any WiFi without Password.

How to Connect to Locked Wifi without password

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