Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile to Download Torrent Files

Find the most downloaded apps for downloading torrent files on your mobile. Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile Android iOS Platform

Looking for best torrent downloaded apps for your mobile? We will today list out some of the top apps to download torrent files on your mobile. APRIL 2024 Updated

These torrent apps works for both android as well as for iOS-based mobile phones.

top 5 torrent apps

Torrent download is one the most loving way to download larger files by most people around the globe. This way one can download easily without worrying of download failing, as it enables to download in parts or you can say as your wish when you want, resume it, when you are busy, just pause it.

The best part of torrent downloads is the accuracy and downloading in peers which helps users to even download after shutting down of your computer.

In torrent downloads, one can even download cracks of most of the big Softwares free!

Top Torrent Downloader Apps for Mobile

We will now list some of the best apps which you can download in your mobile without thinking for a second. We have listed these apps based on our testing and usage by our team for your convenience.


1. µTorrent® App  – Torrent Downloader for Mobile

µTorrent is among one of the top apps which is popular on the computer as well in mobiles.

µTorrent Labshab

This app helps to search and download torrent extensions using high-speed. The technology used in P2P also known as Peer to Peer file sharing enables the user to download torrent files at high speeds.
This app is used to download songs, movies, Softwares and much more!


Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free


2. BitTorrent®- Torrent App

This app helps us to download the torrents at higher speeds providing us with high performance. The reliability and the UI of this app is much more simple to understand providing us detailed information such as download site, port choice and wifi or data download choice.



Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free





3. Flud App – Review

The most beautiful app for Torrent downloads for your mobile phone. It comes without any speed restrictions for downloads and uploads. Many of the features include are proxy addition, change of place of file while the download is on, magnetic link support, Filtering of IP etc.

Flud App - Review

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free






4. FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player

FrostWire comes among the top lovable torrent download apps for mobile as it has an inbuilt music player which not only keeps you entertaining but also give you torrent downloads. you can easily search torrent files on this app and download all multimedia things such as movies, videos in 4K format and supports all extensions such as Flac or Wav. It also works on P2P model which is a high-speed fast sharing protocol.

FrostWire App Torrent

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free






5. TorrDroid – Android App for Torrents Downloader

TorrDroid as the name says it is an android based torrent downloader which acts as a downloading agent as well as browser.

You can search torrent downloads using this app and it has inbuilt virus and malware scanner which helps you in keeping away from fake torrents, in turn, providing you secure and authentic connection.

TorrDroid – Android App for Torrents Downloader

Download Link: Click Here
Pricing: Free