As people keep on searching for something to earn from Home; blogging is the best way to make around a huge amount of money with simple skills and tricks.

A blogger is one who writes about anything; it can be about technology, it can be about fashion or whatever category it maybe. Blogging means to express your views, share with world and let everyone learn and grow with it.

Today we will be discussing to create a blog and start earning from blog.  Investment is as little as 100-200$ roughly and which can give you returns up to $100k per month.

Now to start is to Create a blog for a beginner is to make a plan on what topic or category should he/she do blogging.

The category which is comfortable to you, choose that, and begin blogging!

Setting up Blog Step by Step Tutorial-

Lets begin with setting up a domain and hosting first.

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1.  Find a suitable Domain to start your blogging

Domain name matters a lot. Domain name is just like crux of what you are planning to start blogging for. For eg. If you are planning to start blogging on Health  , so it should be related to health, such as healthmatters or anything which sounds relating to health.

This is because it naturally helps in boosting the rank and traffic for blog.

select a domain of your choice

2. Choose Hosting Plan

Choose the hosting plan of your choice, I will suggest you going with Baby Plan as it offers your Unlimited Domains. You can also choose Hatchling plan for yourself.

To Save more money, I will recommend you going with Long Term period.

choose hosting plan, huge discount 60% hostgator

Choose your Username and required Security PIN which you will remember for future.