How to get McDonald Franchise in India (February 2020)

Interested in opening a McDonald Franchise in India? Find out the necessary details and investment required to open McDonald Restaurant in India.

Are you looking to invest your money to run McDonald Restaurant in India? Not sure about the procedure and process of getting Franchise of McDonald in India. We will guide you through the process required to get you McD Franchise in your locality in your city.

mcdonald franchise cost in india

Currently McDonald in India is working out with there Master Franchise Partners in 2 zones.

The first zone comprise of North and East while second zone comprises of South and West India.

The Main Franchise Owners herein called as Master Franchise Owners for India are-

  1. Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. [Click to View Company Details such as History, Directors, Capital]
  2. Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd [Click to View Company Detail History]

These two master franchise owners are currently working for McDonalds in India for expansion and for operations.

McDonald Franchise Cost in India

Currently the cost and pricing is all decided by the Master Franchise owners if they agree to expand on a given location and also the business model depends on them.

They provide different business dealing models such as-

  1. Profit Sharing on the total net sales, no rent will be provided by McDonalds side.
  2. Rent will be provided and all expenses and profit will be of Master Franchise owners.

If you are looking forward to open a franchise, you can drop your contact information below so our team can help you in assisting better in choosing the best franchise for you.

McDonalds is successfully running at prime locations in overseas and in India it depends on the site you offer and how much public the site attracts.

Basically the sites which have too much public access and are on prime locations are preferred.

McDonalds also restricts opening of Restaurant in areas where there franchise are already operating and are attracting huge sales. Priority is given only to areas where there is no McDonald restaurant and the public in area also wants a McDonalds there!