Freedom 251 Booking Online – Is Freedom 251 Mobile a Scam?

Find out whether Freedom 251 Mobile is a Scam Case or a Genuine Case? Get to know about Freedom 251 Mobile Bookings and Ringings Bells Company

The cheapest mobile in the world is turning the heads of everyone by its pricing. But do we think that this mobile is worth buying? Should we book and buy Freedom 251 mobile phone? Read this article for knowing the truth behind the Freedom 251 Mobile Fraud Scam which is being operated on large-scale by Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. Noida.

Latest Update May 2017– The owner Mohit Goel has been arrested by Police for cheating and failing to fulfill the orders for Freedom 251 mobile phones.

[APRIL 2024 UPDATE]: The Owner is released out on bail! And other promoters of Company are arrested by Haryana Police in a Fraud case involving over 4 Crores INR.

Latest Update- The company owner Mohit Goel claims to be shipping the Freedom 251 mobile to consumers following June 30, 2016. The company claims to ship a limited quantity of the mobiles to there customers. He also adds that “Company is now planning to launch Ringing Bells Cheap LED TV for India” which will be made available in a range of 10k for 32 Inches. Indian People are lucky if they get such things under Make in India plan for such prices. 

The company claims to have made different statements that arise doubt on their behavior as well as their trust ratio for customers and the market. The company Ringings Bells Pvt. Ltd. is said to have received orders worth more than Rupees 1 Crore 75 Lacs via PayU Payment Gateway. PayU Payment Gateway service provider has issued a new statement in which they have claimed to hold the Payment received from and they have said, they will clear the payment only if the customers who have booked the mobile receive mobile in hand. This is a good step by the Payment Gateways provider. Payments gateways are also in news a long time back when they are caught doing frauds in collaboration with such big scam companies and earn huge money. This is just because a consumer who is spending merely 4$ doesn’t bother much and forgets the money sometime later on. But this on the other hand, as seen from the company’s side generates huge revenue and such schemes are called Ponzi Scam.

Freedom 251 Booking Make in India Mobile, Fraud, Fake Cheaters?

The Freedom 251 mobile is said to have long standby of Battery Backup like an iPhone, a good Camera, High-Speed Ram, and many other premium features that can only be bought by spending at least 50$ or more. But this company is claiming to provide such features in a mobile phone called “Freedom 251” for just 4$. Doesn’t that sound funny? How can a new company which is established in 2015, can roll out a mobile phone worth 4$, which another company “Adcom” is claiming to sell for more than 50$ in the market. It’s purely a SCAM which is also been stated by the Bharatiya Janata Party MP Kirit Somaiya that the company are just making fool of the people and they will never deliver such handsets.

What do people say?

When we interacted with a couple of people on social media about this mobile, the responses we got were surprising.

  1. The company is making fool of the people in India, they have earlier also done the same as this with the SMART 101 mobile, which was also not delivered till the day, and the company claimed to state that they are out of stock and bookings are closed! This time in case of FREEDOM 251 mobile, it became viral like fire but this time they won’t escape. They have to pay for this anyhow!
  2. Freedom 251 is a scam, the company also if refunds the money later on saying that they can’t provide mobile earns a huge profit by the interests received on the booking amount.

and many more!

When we tried to reach the company head office at ringings bells freedom 251 pics

our team found out that the Office was locked and there no company existed! To our surprise, we tried calling the given telephone number of the company, but that also failed to connect. Now after all this, will you book your Freedom 251 Mobile? Give us your views in the comment section below!