Best Hosting Company To Choose In India (March 2020)

Which is the Best Hosting Company to Choose in India. Get to Know the Best Fastest Hosting Providers in India with 99.99% Uptime and Fast Speed

Best Hosting Company ??? If you are among one searching for the Best Cheap, Reliable hosting company in India, you are at right place to know! To host a Website or a Blog, fast hosting with good support is a must. Fast speed in sense, the website should load quickly and the server response time must be fast. Now to find such reliable hosting in India, it is a tough job to find due to so many companies emerging in India providing Hosting at cheap rates.

But which company to go for? Well that’s the main thing now, Which hosting company to go for? There are also many free hosting companies available in the market, and our team also hosts many giveaways for web hosting.

The few of the Major companies which provide hosting at cheap rates are Godaddy, Blue Host India, Hostgator India, Big Rock and many more! So to choose one of the hosting from so many is a tough job. So let’s have a look on some of the things which we must note while choosing a hosting.

Well before discussing the specific notes you must get into your mind before purchasing a new hosting, let me share a story of my friend who used a Hosting provider in India, known as ‘Hiox India’ and to his luck, how reliable the hosting company was let’s have a look.

The company was pretty good in support on telephone and technical sound. The major problem he was facing was, the server response was slow which made him change the hosting company. He has shared some of the screenshots from the tests he did while he was using Hiox India hosting.

The time he was getting uptime was decent but the site was slow so he quickly thought of changing the server to get a better load time which really affects the site visitors as everyone wants fast loading website.

best hosting company

Best Hosting Company How to Find?

So before going for best hosting company Company, you must keep in mind the following which will surely help you to choose a good host from so many available in the market.

  • Check for reviews  for the particular hosting company you are going to choose, just don’t trust 1 website for review, rather consult as many as you can
  • Check for the name servers change available on this website and that will help you to check the latest migrations of new websites on the particular hosting company and the websites which left the hosting company. From this you can get a rough idea of the new websites which have migrated and then further you can check their speed and performance.
  • Go for the hosting company whose renewal prices are not much high. if they are high, then we suggest you to go for long period which will gradually give you profit.
  • Try pingdom tests on the websites hosted with the hosting company of your need.

I hope these tips will surely help you find your best hosting company and make your website perform like rocket. 😉