Generate Robots TXT File | WordPress Blogs (APRIL 2024)

Create robots.txt online with help of robots.txt online generator. Get your website crawled by google bots and improve the seo of your website. Robots.txt.

robots.txt crawling generate onlineNeed to create Robots TXT for your website? Create Robots.txt online now with our online tool.

Don’t know about Robots.txt?

Well, let me explain to you “Its a file which makes the best use of search engine robots and also improve SEO.”

But don’t know how to create it?

Here is a simple form that will help you to create a robots.txt which will help your website to get crawl in a better way and with your commands. Robots.txt serves the purpose to adjust the crawling engine robots of various websites like yahoo, MSN, Google. A website with a robots.txt also helps in improving the SEO of the website and also it helps the website to grow faster and with high speed. Thus you must upload the “robots.txt” file to your root directory.

Generate robots.txt online for your WordPress Blog –

After creating your robots.txt file kindly save it and upload it on the root folder of your website and also do not forget to ‘s’ after robots.txt. I generally find bloggers, newbies creating this mistake which doesn’t let your website crawl properly as per your needs. So kindly check it and save it and then run it to see whether working or not.

Robots.txt checking tool:-

To check its working functionality, visit http://www.yoursitename.com/robots.txt  It will show you a text document on your browser with the implemented codes.

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