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How to Add Music in iPhone without iTunes [APRIL 2024 Update]

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add music without sync iphoneSo as in my earlier tutorials I wrote about how to get iPhone applications for free without paying for the money, today I will tell you a way by which you can add songs to iPhone without iTunes or you can say without synchronizing it you can add music/songs to your device. [iPad, iPod, iPhone]

Mostly of device users hate synchronizing their devices again n again as it’s a bit longer as well a typical process which takes time and creates many problems like if you have deleted something from your iTunes library then during sync from your device also it will automatically be deleted! LOL so to skip such issues, I will tell you a way by which you won’t need to sync your device again n again and can do all actions which you need using a simple tool. Follow the step by step guide to add songs to your iPod or iPhone without using iTunes.

How to add Songs/Music in iPhone without iTunes (APRIL 2024 Update)

This method is not working for some users, we recommend you to use ShareIT app on your computer as well as mobile to transfer Music Files without iTunes.

1. Open iTools 2013 in your computer. [Above IOS 10 it requires iTools on your Device]

itools 2013

2. Connect your device (iPod,iPhone,iPad) using USB to your computer. It will be automatically detected in the tools.

use iphone without itunes sync

3. Now move to Import music located below your device name.

iphone without sync

4. Click on the import button to import the music which you want to add to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

add songs library iphone

5. Browse for the music location and click on the import button.

itools download

6. Your music will begin importing into your iPod. When done close the program and enjoy listening to music.

add music ipod without itunes


iTools 2013 Window iTools 2013 Mac

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