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How to get Adsense Account easily Approval for New Blog/Website

Now get your Google Adsense account approved easily without any disapproval reason. Must check for newbies with new websites and blogs.

Google Adsense rated as one of the best Ad Revenue-generating services for publishers. Most Bloggers, WordPress owners rely on Google Adsense as Publishers to make their earnings. Google Adsense strict policies and rules make it hard for a Google Adsense Account approved.

Some methods help to get Adsense Account Easily for a New Blog or Website.

Get Adsense Account Easily

A WordPress Blogger or a BlogSpot Blogger or a website owner must comply with the terms.

The Google Adsense program depends on the content for which you are showing ads.

There are certain specific Keywords for which the payout is very high i.e. Cost per Click. Most commonly used keywords in the year 2016 which generate high income on Cost per Click and are called Google Adsense High Paying Keywords.

A new website owner getting Google Adsense is a bit difficult task as the new website must be having some issues with the policies set by Google, for which you may not be accepted in this program. To overcome such issues, a website owner must check the main points which help in getting approved for Adsense Account.

Also, the use of tricks method to get approved the AdSense account may let you in problem for the future by disabling your access to the account and so on.

How To Get Adsense Account Easily Approved for a New WordPress Blog/Website:

How to get Adsense Account easily for your new blog/website

  • Your new website/blog must have good content and original content that is published on your website.
  • It should be at least 6 months old before you can apply for this Adsense Publishers program.
  • The website must be rich in content rather than just images or videos. Text content must be more, as ads are not for just an image/video website.
  • Website containing the following content will not get the approval in the Adsense program-
    • Porn Content (in any form).
    • Content related to hacking or cracking.
    • Sales of beer, hard alcohol, tobacco, weapons.
    • The site displaying gambling content or so.
    • Content that offers such a program that makes the visitors click ads or offers.
    • Any other illegal in terms of the law.
  • Copyright material restriction, content should not be copied and pasted across the web.

If your website is away from the points displayed above, you can easily get an Adsense account without any issue.

If your website is using Blogger/BlogSpot, then you can get the Adsense account approval within seconds via YouTube.

To learn more about getting Adsense account using YouTube, check out How to get Adsense account via Youtube.