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Get Indian Railways Train Running Live Information

Get the status of the train you going to board. Find the live running information of any train on run. Now using the Online Enquiry for Indian Railways.

Want to track your Train you are going to board? Fed up of calling customer cares of railways and don’t getting the accurate information? Well now you can keep a minute by minute live status of the train you want to know. With the new system released by the Indian Railways now every train on the run can be tracked for its live information such as, delay, current running status etc.


This Train Running Live Enquiry by Indian Railways is a convenient to all the passengers who are going to board the train and want to know where the train has reached. With its fast live updates, it lets you easily to track its status and from where it has departed the previous station. Also with its power feature of delay, it shows the user how much the train is delayed and what time it will reach the next station.


Indian Railways is a most developing network in India and to please the customers and the people of India, they has been making changes since past few years. With the facility from internet to a good meals, it has been pleasing everybody till today. Now with its Live Running Information scheme, it makes it easy for the passengers who are going to board the train for their work and want to know the Current Status of their train.

train running information live updates


How to find the Status of your Train?

  • Visit the Official National Train Enquiry Website. Click Here¬†
  • Enter the Train Name/Train no. to proceed.
  • Select the Station you want to know its arrival time or the station from where it departed.
  • The live running information will be displayed with the latest updates.