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How to unblock websites in India

How to unblock websites in india which have been blocked by various internet service providers. Unblock any website blocked for free using proxy servers

Many internet service providers block some websites which cannot be accessed while using their internet connections. To avoid such blocks and surf the websites, we have many tricks by using which we can bypass the blocked websites and access them without any problem. By using such tricks we can unblock websites in India which cannot be open or we get error “Access Denied

Recently the Telecom authority blocked many websites as they are not good and have bad content. But still, if you want to use something important and are not able to use then we have this guide for you to help you access and make your work meet.

One can use proxy servers or proxy websites available to skips these blocked websites and we have many software’s which is the trust of to use and are highly recommended to use with high-quality internet speeds and more security.


In my earlier tutorial, I have discussed about using SafeIP to change your IP address. The same software also used to unblock websites in India. Although we can use the same software to unblock websites throughout the world.

How to use SafeIP

Read my earlier how-to guide in which I have discussed about using SafeIP. Read it now by clicking here

Is it safe to use third-party software’s?

Pretty well question asked. Well although you will find such software’s which are Spam and will spoil your pretty computer interface by installing third-party elements. Although I have tested Safe IP myself and it is a safe product which you can use and it has a good rating review on the Internet. Feel free to use it.