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How to Increase Internet Speed BSNL Broadband Speed Tricks

Increase speed of 2g and also get BSNL broadband internet tricks. Boost up the internet speed of your connection and browse speed tricks with Broadband hack

So guys today I will tell you how to increase your broadband internet speed and increased surfing speed for better browsing. Read the below-given procedure to change the DNS address of your broadband connection. It works flawlessly on your BSNL broadband connection. With this guide, you will be able to boost up the internet speed and gradually increase the speed of 2g.

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Steps to Increase the speed of BSNL 2G Mobile [Trick APRIL 2024]

1. Open the network and sharing center from the right bottom corner of your desktop screen.

increase speed internet

2. Now go to change adapter settings as shown below and open it.

increase bsnl hack

3. Now click on your working internet connection which is presently working on your computer for eg. any 2g connection, wifi, or Bluetooth connection or lan. Simply open the properties.

broadband speed hack

4. After opening the properties of your working internet connection, open the internet protocol version 4 and select it. Click on the properties of the selected option.

increase speed of internet 2g

5. Now input the google dns address in the DNS option. and 

increase your 2g speed internet

For Video Tutorial-

The requested video was removed due to misuse by users which resulted in heavy drawbacks on the network.