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Tatkal Timings, Tips for Tatkal Ticket Booking [January 2022 Update]

How to Book Tatkal Tickets in Indian Railway IRCTC Website and Timings for Tatkal Ticket Booking System of IRCTC in the month of January 2022 Update

Tatkal ticket bookings are a way to get your tickets confirmed in a short time. The Indian Railways have introduced booking the tickets online through their Official website IRCTC which is using a personal account or brokers such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, goIBIBO, etc. The tickets are available booked in the timings which are given by the Ministry of Railways.

The Indian railways have imposed some strict rules about booking a ticket for Tatkal i.e. Emergency travel plan. Tatkal is a Hindi word in use for Emergency Travel Plans. For Eg. a person X wants to travel to Y Place on 30 July. Now X plan to book the ticket before 30 days but somehow his plan is not confirmed or he was not able to book. So under the Tatkal scheme/reservation, X can book his ticket before 1 day of his travel date and can travel to Y place without any issues.

Usually, the Indian Railways have implemented timings, under which only tickets booking done. You can also spot the train or find the best train suitable for your new travel journey.

tatkal ticket booking

This is helpful for the users for are booking the tickets and plan to travel on an urgent basis for their tour or any trip as per their convenience.

Tatkal Ticket Timings & Ticket Booking Rules by IRCTC

Before reading further, let me clear you that a Tatkal ticket is booked only 1 day before your travel date.

  • An IRCTC user can book only 1 Tatkal ticket in the timings from 10 AM to 12 PM
  • Ticket timings for bookings, i.e. When Bookings starts are
    For NON AC- 11 AM onwards
    For AC- 10 AM onwards
  • The total number of passengers is 4 per Ticket.
  • Tickets which confirms and if the user wants to cancel the Confirmed ticket, then no refund will be given for this case
  • Tatkal tickets which are on the waiting list and if on travel date, the ticket is still in the waiting list and is not Confirmed/RAC, then the ticket is automatically canceled and refund will be given.
  • Ticket Deposit Receipt claim for the tickets in which the traveler does not travel.

If you are looking to book a railway ticket for your journey, we recommend you sit on the computer.

The timings of the opening of Tatkal Tickets, because due to emergency travel and a limited number of Tatkal tickets because of the quota, are usually booked within minutes once the booking okay.

This case is applicable to highly travel routes such as Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, and so on.