How to update iPhone, iPod, iPad to iOS 18 Without Developer Account

Update your iDevice to iOS 18 without having Developer Account. iOS 18 official release coming this APRIL 2024

Apple just released iOS 11 version with some bug fixes for their iDevices. For using these beta versions and pre release software updates, you need to have a developer account for updating your iphone or ipad or ipod. But some of the people search for trick to update your idevice without having any developer account. And yes its possible, as we will provide you with our already activated iOS 11 ipsw files, which wont ask you to download using developer account. We have provided with all the links for downloading the iOS 11 Beta 6 versions for supported devices. However if you are rely on jail break of the iOS, then kindly avoid updating your device. To start the restore process, you need to have the ipsw files for your supported device, i.e. the iOS  beta 6 in your computer. If you dont have then kindly download from the links given below-

iOS 11 release download

Note- All the above download links are hosted on mega.co.nz and labshab don’t bear any responsibility about these links. If you are having any issues with links then you must contact mega.co.nz for further information.


After you download the correct software for your device, connect your device to the computer.

Now, open the iTunes in your computer,  hold down the Shift key(for windows) and click on Restore. Locate the ipsw you just downloaded.

For mac users, press ALT key and click on Restore and locate for the ipsw file you just downloaded.

Now sit back and let the iOS gets install in your device.

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