Google Manual Action in Webmaster’s Tool (APRIL 2024)

Check if your website has been in the web spam list and for what reasons its been into it with an easy step.

Google has launched this new feature which will let you show an option of Manual Actions in the Webmaster’s account. This option let you check out for any web spam if your website has been doing or is in the Google’s spam list.

google webmaster new feature

This is introduced so as to make it easy for the webmaster’s to check out why their website is in web spam and for what reason so that they can rectify and send a reconsideration request forward to Google. This feature can be found in your webmaster’s control panel.


Visit Google Webmaster Tools  and Login with your account. After that check the website you need to check the option for. Navigate to Search Traffic>Manual Actions


When you submit your website for reconsideration then also you can see this feature has been implemented there. This is to avoid as the feature was being not used properly as if one’s website traffic or some other problem arrived, they used to go for reconsideration and for which Google wasnt responsible as this feature is strictly for spam or blacklist. So to overcome this they introduced this option i.e. if a website has got Manual actions and is shown up there, then only you can submit your website for reconsideration.