SiteGround Hosting Review Coupon Discount (October 2019)

SiteGround Coupon Code for Flat 60% OFF Discount Code. SiteGround Offers Domains, VPS, Hosting Services. Check out Review and Coupon before you choose your next host!

Looking for a cheap and reliable hosting? You are at right place to get your hands on right hosting! Siteground Hosting is one out of them which provides best hosting, best services and best customer support. We are today here to provide you with Exclusive Siteground Coupon 60% Discount Code which will let you grab the Best Hosting after huge discount. Don’t wait for Black Friday deals as deals are already on the door? Lets check out how it works.

There are plenty of Hosting Providers out today and to choose from one is really tough task. It is tough task as plenty of Hosting providers have paid review partners, which means the Hosting providers pay the Reviewers to review the hosting services in exchange of some money.

It is creepy and worst part of it is that as many of users/buyers don’t know the reality on ground.

Our team is reviewing SiteGround Hosting and provide you with SiteGround Coupons as our clients use and rely upon it.

We are not biased, or here to praise the said Hosting Provider.

We only review the Hosting providers based on information collected from our Clients Reviews, Personal Usage and services offered.

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SiteGround Coupon + Hosting Review

SiteGround Review: SiteGround Hosting provides Managed WordPress Hosting services and Shared Hosting. How SiteGround stands on top is the features they provide. Let’s have a look on SiteGround Hosting Features which makes it Best Hosting Provider, as our valuable clients say!

Many questions come into mind while we search for Good Hosting services.

SiteGround Hosting Features (Managed Hosting for WordPress Blogs/Websites)

SiteGround is selected as Great hosting provider. The features and services it offers, the only reason our clients and we host our websites on SiteGround.

Lets have a look on the Main Features of SiteGround Hosting:

  • Basic Setup – Fast and Easy

SiteGround lets you install WordPress blog with 1-Click installation feature. The support team helps you 24×7 in the installation process with Free WordPress Themes.

  • Free Domain with the Hosting

Free Top Level Domain (.com etc)

  • No Downtime with Free Website Transfer

Now easily transfer your website running on your old host to SiteGround without downtime. Transfer all your domain data from old host to SiteGround & your visitors won’t be impacted and your host is transferred.

  • High Security SG – Spam & Hack Protection

Keep your website safe and secure with the High Security SG protection which keeps your website protected against Spam, Hacks. The auto backup feature helps you to get up to 30 backups per website on daily basis.

  • Fast CDN Site Loading Speeds

High blazing CDN lets your website load quickly with the help of inbuilt SiteGround Cache plugin. The top notch hardware makes your website stand on #1 position in terms of speed loading time.

  • 24×7 Customer Support – Technical & Domain

SiteGround customer experience stand on #1 for our clients. They reply quite fast and quickly to resolve the issues. There customer support includes help for VPS, Domain and Shared Hosting and promises to answer queries & resolve all issues within 10 minutes. Customer Support is available on Chat or via Phone.

  • Tools for WordPress Blogs

SiteGround Hosting lets you install many WordPress tools. If you are looking to test your website, SiteGround helps you in testing & deploying a site. GIT comes pre-installed,WordPress blogs tools like WordPress Staging.

The features discussed above are just basic and there are plenty more premium features for the different plans.

SiteGround Hosting Plans Pricing

SiteGround Hosting for Shared Hosting/WordPress Hosting comes in 3 different plans. Each package has its unique features and services.

SiteGround StartUP:

It is available at cost of $9.95 per month ($3.95/Month for LabsHAB Visitors Click 
Here) It provides you with total 10GB Hosting Space, 10K Monthly Visits & includes 
FREE Domain, Website Setup including Transfer, and only 1 WordPress Blog/Site.

SiteGround GrowBig:

GrowBig available at cost of $14.95 per month ($7.95/Month for LabsHAB Visitors 
Click Here). Best for hosting UNLIMITED Websites/WordPress Blogs, with 20GB Space 
and  20k Monthly Visitors. Includes StartUp Plan Features + SiteGround SuperCache 
Plugin, Backup & Restore Facility, Free SSL Certificate for life.

SiteGround GoGeek:

SiteGround GoGeek package is available at cost of $29.95 per month ($14.95/Month 
for LabsHAB Visitors Click Here). Best for hosting UNLIMITED Websites/WordPress 
Blogs  includes 30GB Space with 100k Monthly Visitors. Includes StartUp Plan 
Features  + SiteGround SuperCache Plugin, Premium Backup & Restore Facility, 
Free SSL Certificate for life, GIT Installation and WordPress Staging Services.

Which SiteGround Plan should you choose?

Well the best money saving with premium features is SiteGround GrowBig Hosting plan. With this plan you can host unlimited websites blogs and what more you want? For starting eCommerce websites, this plan includes Free SSL Certificate for more security and trust.

The SiteGround Hosting package (GrowBig) will helps you manage your Websites in easy way with Backups, Faster Speeds, 24×7 Customer Support. The SiteGround Tech team everyday checks the website to make sure it is running smoothly and without any Hack attempts.

What is this SiteGround SuperCache Plugin

The SiteGround SuperCache plugin helps to keep you website perform more faster & minify CSS, JS files. (Tested in Google PageSpeed, Results 90% Faster)

3 Levels of Caching to optimize the WordPress Blog/Website with Faster Rocket Speeds!

  • Static Cache – Level 1: The Static Cache is responsible for caching static files in a Website. The CSS, Javascripts, Flash, Images including Static Content on a WP Blog. This reduces HTTP requests to reduce the load on the server. It helps in boosting speed and loading time of a site.
  • Dyanmic Cache – Level 2: Including the Static Cache, this Level 2 Cache helps to serve Level 1 Cache from Single Serving. This avoids serving from Multiple ones as it slows down as other websites does.
  • MemCache – Level 3: The most interesting feature of SiteGround Hosting Cache and unique. Only SiteGround Hosting provides MemCache which helps to speed up the queries. For eg. A sends B query to the Server, where MemCache will help A->B to Boost loading speed.

As we have discussed these are tested and all practical you can experience. SiteGround hosting helps in achieving the optimal and faster speeds. The SiteGround Cache plugin keeps a WordPress blog 100 times the requests made to it and sites which were not using SiteGround Cache plugin performed slower.

SiteGround Coupon

SiteGround Hosting is available at Flat 60% Off. This coupon is exclusively valid for LabsHAB Visitors only. The Discount Code is applied on Checkout page ordering SiteGround Hosting. For customers looking for Domain, VPS Offers, we have a huge discount of 30% for SiteGround VPS orders.

SiteGround Discount code and the above said 60% OFF is applicable on all Shared Hosting Plans. If you are looking to host WordPress blog, SiteGround Coupon 60% OFF.