Oops! Payment Cancel Problem FAQ

It looks like you just cancelled the payment you were proceeding for. If you find any difficulties following the payment, you can write us at

[email protected]


contact us on our 24×7 online support helpline number +19036000045 

If you are an WhatsApp application user, kindly add us in your contact list- Labshab Support Online (+19036000045)


FAQ about payment


Q: Does this payment secure and safe?

Ans: Yes ofcourse! All the payments are proceeded using Paypal Inc. which is the world’s most trusted website to proceed with online transactions.


Q: When will I receive my product?

Ans: All orders are proccessed within 4-5 business hours from the time you check out. Its simply fast and secure way we help our customers.


Q:  My credit card is not being accepted?

Ans: If your card is declined on payment process, we recommend you trying with other cards else you can contact our helpline number online or write us on our email [email protected]


Q: I dont have a credit card but I want to purchase the product?

Ans: We are happy to help you, if you dont own a credit card and your payment isn’t getting completed kindly be in touch with us so that we can further talk about completing the transaction without any issues.