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How to check the Speed of your BSNL Broadband Account

This tutorial will tell you how to check the speed of your  BSNL Broadband Connection using the Official BSNL servers with simple steps.

Being a BSNL Broadband user, you might be thinking to check the speed of the internet connection you using. Well, one needs to check there Broadband connection status about the speed which you are receiving. It’s reliable to check to know the server speed, their up time,downtime. One can use third-party services to know the speed of the connection or the default BSNL service tools which will help you to tell the broadband speed. If one is experiencing slow speed problem, then you can easily increase the speed of your broadband connection. The speed you are getting depends on a large number of factors including the distance from main exchange, noise in the line, any blockage like having more joints or poor insulation of joints, and your PC hardware issues. BSNL has provided their own BSNL Bandwidth Meter which will help you to tell the exact speed receiving and according to your current plan.


How to check the Speed of your BSNL Broadband


Well you can check it using simple steps by visiting their official bandwidth monitoring website and its a one click step. You don’t want to give any of your account password or account id. It’s a directly process which will automatically detect using their servers up time and downtime.


The bandwidth meter, which do tests in your browser and will show you the result within seconds after doing their tests including exchange payload etc. After the test gets completed you will see a screen something like shown below-

bsnl broadband test speed






This is an extremely good service provided by BSNL to its users as it’s a one click process which helps you to check the speed officially using BSNL servers. You can also measure the ports and their scanner for further port forwarding facility if you want to apply it in the future use of your internet connection.

To check your own BSNL Broadband Speed kindly visit the links provided below-

Use any of the above links to check the speed. It’s same for every location located in India and can check using any of the servers of BSNL. Also see How to boost my Broadband speed upto 40%