How to add Restart shortcut on Desktop in Windows 7

Create custom restart option in windows 7 and do with one click. Get restart options in your Windows 7 desktop area.

In previous tutorial we talked about how to hide the shadows in the desktop icons today  I will tell you how to Create restart option in your Desktop area to do Restart in one click. With help of this you can do Restart of your windows by right clicking in the desktop area and follow-up by Restart button. A Restart custom option will be added in the Desktop context menu which will help you to perform actions quickly related to the restart things. The default window is equipped with one option present in the start menu which some users think of long procedure thus this tutorial will help you to create an option which is shortcut for this and will help you to do restarts within minute and saving your time too.


To follow-up with the procedure have a look below to get to know how it happens and how it takes place.


How to steps-

  1. Go to Registry Editor. To open Registry Editor, Go to start menu and then in search box type REGEDIT or do it by using RUN .
  2. Now move to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell 
  3. Now you have to right-click on shell then select New>Key. You can name it “Restart Me”
  4. Now you will see Restart Me option will be created just below the shell. So now right-click on Restart Me then select New>Key. You can name it “Command”
  5. Again new option will be created just below the Restart Me option. Now left click on Command and then in the right side box you will see an option Default.
  6. Double click on the Default option and a new dialog box will appear.
  7. In that dialog box, input this code in the Value Data CMD /C NET STOP UXSMS & NET START UXSMS
  8. Click on OK

All done. Now right-click in your desktop area and you will see the new option Restart Me present there.