How to remove Text Shadow in Desktop Icons

Remove text shadow in windows 7 desktop and make it look pretty clean with a fancy style and sober look. It will let you remove the shadow from the icons.

Hello guys, in this tutorial i will let you turn off the shadows from your desktop icons text. Basically by default every window is equipped with some of its annoying features which let user feel unpleasant and to overcome such problems, we are here with one of the basic guides to turn off the shadow which appears in the desktop icons.

Before setting this tweak, you desktop icons give a look like the text plus the shadow.
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After using this tutorial you will be able to generate the icons look like in white text without any shadow. That will give you a pleasant and simple sober look of your clean pretty desktop.

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To start with the task, kindly close any running programs if you are using and refresh your desktop 2-3 times to give it a fresh start.

How to do-

  • Press Windows key and Pause key to open the System control panel.
  • Now when you find the control panel window is on your screen, kindly select the
    Advanced system settings option from top left sidebar position.

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3. A new small window will open on your screen. To follow up to the next step, under Performance heading, select the settings option.

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4. Now another small window will flash up on your screen with a lot of check boxes and features.

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5. To remove the text shadow in your desktop icons, spot these two options in the list Enable desktop composition and Use drop down shadows for icon labels on the desktop.
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6. These two options are by default checked, uncheck the both options one by one and click on Apply.
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7. Now press OK and come out of all the windows and back to your desktop. You will see a change in the icons shadow as well your boxes shadows have been disappeared.

Finally you made it to hide the text shadows in your desktop zone. Now you wont be able to face the problem for the shadows and no conflict with your poor eyes.