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How to know BSNL Broadband Usage [APRIL 2024 Update]

How to find out how much BSNL Broadband Data consumed? Working Method to help you check the BSNL Broadband Internet Usage without USER ID Password

The BSNL Broadband Usage checking facility allows a user to check how much data is consumed by BSNL Broadband User. This facility “Know BSNL Broadband Usage” provided by BSNL is really helpful for users who want to check their Bills.

know BSNL Broadband usage

Users with high data usage can cut short their bill amounts by checking BSNL Broadband usage. It helps to quickly know BSNL Broadband usage. Many user complaints of poor speeds which result in less data usage of the BSNL Broadband.

BSNL Broadband Speed is increased by some of the useful tips. We suggest you try the BSNL Broadband Speed Meter which helps you to check BSNL Broadband Speed. You can complain directly to the BSNL Head office for poor speed using the facility.

Users of BSNL Broadband were able to increase up to 10x Times the speed by tips on article Increase BSNL Broadband Internet Speed

BSNL Broadband facility which you to the account usage and get your mobile phone. It’s a really handy and best service which lets you get the details on your mobile phone.

BSNL provides SMS facility for broadband users to check the usage using SMS and get frequent SMS updates on their mobile phones about the usage in percentage-wise.

How to know BSNL Broadband usage

The BSNL Broadband Usage facility works in two circles. According to your circle refer to the steps below and find out the BSNL Broadband Data Usage.

How to know BSNL Broadband usage - BSNL Broadband Internet Data Meter

For North Circle

For all the BSNL Broadband users in North Circle, open the website BSNL NORTH SELFCARE and register your broadband number. You will be able to create a Username and Password.

Using the Username and Password, Log in to the BSNL North self-care website and go to option “BSNL Broadband Data usage” and check the amount of data consumed by you.

For South Circle

If you are a customer of BSNL Broadband from South Circle, open the website BSNL SOUTH SELFCARE and register your broadband number. Follow the same steps onscreen as for BSNL North Users. These facilities exist with the new user interface, so we ask you to re-register.

How to know BSNL Broadband usage through Mobile

Users who wish to find the BSNL Broadband Usage using Mobile Phones can easily know the BSNL Broadband usage using the SMS Facility.

  • Register your Landline number by sending SMS in below format:

REG[space]Landline Number(with STD Code) to +919448077777 which means REG<STD CODE><Landline Number> to +919448077777

For eg. My landline number is 2345678, and  STD Code 0172, I will be sending SMS: REG 01722345678 to +919448077777

Now you will be successfully registered and will get a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone about the Registration Number for checking BSNL Broadband Usage

  • Now you will receive your registration confirmation and you can check BSNL Broadband Usage by using SMS:

BBU[space]Landline Number(with STD Code) to +919448077777 which means BBU<STD Code><Landline Number> to +919448077777

For example, to get the Broadband usage for a landline number 2345678 with STD Code 0130, send BBU 01302345678 to +919448077777 and you will successfully receive an instant message with the usage details and summary.

We hope that you were able to check your BSNL Broadband usage.

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