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How to Rank high in Google using Backlinks – Blogging Guide

Rank Higher in Google SERP using High Quality Backlinks and using proper guide to SEO

Every blogger who starts a Blog always has a Dream in his Mind. Today we are going to discuss some raw methods and Tips which can help a Blogger to rank his Blog in Google Top Search Results for a Keyword.

rank high google backlinks tutorial

Ranking High is SERP is always a concern for a Blogger who own a blog or is a writer on some blog. Nowadays this Blogging is a craze among youngsters Youth. 3 out of 5 Students I met up in College Recently wants to Start Blogging but don’t know a,b,c of Blogging. So LabsHAB Team has started to make every Student in College learn the Basic of Blogging for FREE! We have been vising local colleges in our Area to make Youth aware of Blogging and How One can Earn by Writing Blogs.

Well keep it aside for now, lets focus on our Topic for Today “How can we Rank High in Google Search Results for a Keyword with help of Backlinks” Does it Really matter? Do Backlinks help in ranking higher in SERP for a Keyword? How Backlinks Helps a Blogger to Boost up its Rankings among this tough competition on Internet. These all questions will be answered by us as far as we know to help our fellow bloggers rank high and develop the love for blogging.

Ranking High in Google SERP results can be bit tricky for first timers. For a new blog, it should be followed that the Blog is using Unique Rich Content, Following the SEO Guide in Terms of H1, H2, H3 Title Tags to improve SEO. Various methods and using them correctly helps a blog to rank higher in Search Results.

Some Bloggers say that Rank High using Google Backlinks can be temporary as sometimes the Webmaster removes that content after which the Backlink is also vanished.

Well in some cases and studies, we found out that some websites which were having Backlinks in Blogs which were temporary disabled so as to study the result. What came out was shocking, according to the Article 44 published by Shrenan Mehla in 2009 in his Book “SEO and Google, the Magic of a Blog” that the sites were still ranking higher for a limited time after which gradually dropped.

What are Backlinks and how they help to rank high in Google?

Yo can easily find the definition on web. Google Says “an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.”

rank high google backlinks

BUT What We Understood in terms of Language of a Blogger is

its a form of invitation to Search Robots to go to another web page/website for a specific keyword. It can be linked without a keyword with the Blog/Site name but linking using a Specific Keyword helps the Search Robot to understand the juice in that link which helps the robot to make it in his memory why and where the link goes. it can be used in same blog or in different blogs/websites

Why should we use Backlinks for our Blogs?

Backlinks SHOULD be used always by bloggers either they are starting New Blog or they have a well establish blog. Backlinks help the Search Engine Robots Crawl the Content in connection with the Backlink. This is also helpful for new blogs and who are looking to increase the blog traffic.

For Example:

A Blogger is having a Blog which is all about Health Supplements, Health Tips etc. So if the blogger/author writes a post:

Post A:Healthy Life should be maintained by doing Exercise Daily“,

now this post can be linked to a new post which says:

Post B: “Eat abc Tablets and Make yourself Healthy”

The Search Engine Robot will crawl Post A and study its contents. If it founds a Backlink linking to Post B with text saying “Best Tablets to make you Healthy” this will help Post B SEO; link in context with Post A.

Suppose this same mechanism is used on other Third Party or Other Blogs related to same niche and content, What you think will it help to do? It will gradually help you increase your rankings and SEO will be improved.

As recommended by Experts, this process should be followed on High Ranking Blogs/Websites which not only helps to improve your SEO but also your Blog quality in terms of SEO.

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