Lock, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut Functions for Files Folders

Prevent is an online free tool which help you to block the various features of copy paste cut to your files and folders. Now lockdown these features easily

You need to lock the basic functions to stop your files and folders from being disturbed? Need to lock cut, copy, paste, rename and delete functions? Well here is a free tool which will help you to prevent these basic functions from being executed and will lock down such features. It locks files and folders function of being copied, cut, paste, delete and rename.

This tool is an easy to use tool which will help out the user to prevent the basic functions to files and folders without administrator permission and password. If you are running a computer cyber cafe business or some other type involving huge number of computers, you need this Prevent tool to help you out prevent any kind of misuse and harm to your software installed. Just give a try to this tool and it will help you serve better with a smile on your face 🙂


How to Start Lock, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut Functions for Files Folders?

1. Open the tool and install it.
lock keys windows
2. Now you will be advised to choose the hotkey. This key will help you disable this tools’s functionality i.e. using this key you will be able to unlock those features. (cut,copy,paste,rename,delete)

3. After choosing the desired hotkey, activate it.
prevent software download
4. You will get a message Hotkey Saved! Now you are done with locking the basic functions. Enjoy
lock windows cut copy files



This will be help you to lock the basic functions however it will not work if someone drag and copies the files.

P.S. This is really helpful tool to save your Important Documents and Files.

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