How to make iPhone work as Pendrive

Use iPhone as a Pen Drive to manage all your data and important files at one place. Turn your iPhone into Flash Drive Now!

As you all must be knowing that Apple is restricted to make file system access public to the users and use it as the way they want to do like edit, delete or anything else. But there are some files which you really want to be there into your iPhone and need to be accessible at any time. It is also generally not possible to make your iPhone act like others smartphones have the capability to add songs directly and a better file system. But interestingly, we have some of the applications in our Appstore which serves you to make your iPhone act like a Flash Drive and turn your iPhone into Pendrive. How to use iphone as an pendrive

Before we proceed further, get to know what you will be getting benefits while turning your iPhone into a Flash Drive and as per restrictions by Apple Inc.

  • You cannot make your iPhone file system accessible without getting into it using the Jailbreak method.
  • You cannot use it as a Flash Drive without having iTunes installed on your machine.
  • You can upload,create,edit or delete the files with the help of the Flash Drive App.

Now lets proceed further on how to use it. Remember we aren’t teaching you how to create partitions on your iPhone, as it needs Cydia, a part of jailbreak. We are just making you understand that you can turn your iPhone into a Flash Drive with the help of apps.

And if you are happy to go with it, we have plenty of number of apps for the same, but for instance the best one’s are-

USB & Wi-Fi Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive +

How you have to do is-

  • Download and install the application into your iPhone.
  • Now, connect the iPhone using USB Cable to your Computer and open iTunes.
  • Now, as you have opened iTunes, Select your appropriate device, select it.
  • Click on the “App” tab located inside iTunes.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Apps, you will see an option of “File Sharing”
  • Select your app from it and now you can export or import your data here.

Thus, you just learnt how to turn your iPhone work as a Pen drive without doing much of things and a quiet easy process.