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How To Password Protect Windows Folder Files and Documents for Privacy Security

Password protect your secret and personal data in your windows. Protecting the files folders is the first major thing for important data to avoid any misuse.

Many of the users using windows, search the web to find some software to password protect their files or folders. Some of them are found out to be Spam or some don’t work creating conflict between windows files.

So Today we will learn to password protect windows folder. We will share with you a simple utility, which will help to password protect any of the files, folders and you can password protect them in .zip or .rar format. We will use 7 zip to password protect our files and folders as this utility doesn’t conflict with any of the windows files nor it causes any harm to your PC. It will also create a option of 7-zip in the right click menu of any file or folder.This protection is enable so as to protect your files and important documents in Windows from any unauthorized access. This feature enables a more security level of use on files and folders which also makes it easy for other to use the PC without disturbing our file contents which are protected using this lock.

Everyone needs privacy for some or the other file in their PC. Some don’t want to share from family members or some don’t want the clients to access it. So to make this task easier, we are going to use this utility to make your privacy in a more secure way. I also sometimes need privacy for some of my files as i don’t want my colleagues to access  them. Hiding them isn’t a good way so i thought to use this utility and think what happened? The thing happened was i was surprised with the over standing results of this utility. Its not some large file, its just of 1 MB hardly which wont even make you realize that something is acquiring space in my computer.

This 7-zip utility not only helps you to password protect the files and folders, but it also serves in multiple purpose. Like one can do the compress,encrypt task using it and also one can extract any type of files and folders which aren’t supported by any other third party software.

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Now have a look on how it works.

How to password protect my files/folders-

  • Download the utility for your PC from here

If you are already having this utility, ignore the first step.

  • Now, after the installation gets complete, you will find a new option in your windows right click activity on any file/folder.
  • Move to the folder/file which you are looking to password protect. Now right click on the file/folder and move your mouse pointer over 7 Zip. Then click on Add to Archive

password protect windows files and folders

  • After this, a new windows will open up on your screen and input the passwords you need to set for your selected file/folder. Enter your passwords, in the password fields and click on OK.

password protect windows rar zip files

  • Now a new file/folder will appear on the same location of old file. Just delete the old file/folder and you are done.

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